5-25-77 Screening at the Ritz, 3pm Monday, June 25th


This morning I received an email from Topher Bradfield of Book People and Jedi Training Camp (read our interview with him here) about a film screening he set up at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz for Monday, June 25th. He thought I’d be interested in attending since the film is, indirectly, about Star Wars. So yeah, that’s a no brainer, of course I’m interested. And after watching the trailer I am more than interested and I think once you guys see the trailer you will all be as interested as I am. Or at least I hope so, because it’s so dang awesome. And it stars John Frances Daley of Freaks and Geeks fame.

The name of the film is 5-25-77 and is about a high school student name Pat Johnson, sci-fi geek and budding filmmaker, and all the things that get in his way of seeing the greatest movie released in 1977… Star Wars. Check out the trailer:

Director/Writer Patrick Read Johnson is currently in Austin promoting 5-25-77. He is trying to raise money to take the film all the way to Los Angeles where he will present a copy of the film to three people that influenced him to make the movie. And he’s turning the whole thing into a documentary called Hearts of Dorkness.

If you are in Austin and need something to do around 4pm on Monday June 25th, join me, Topher and Patrick at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz. We need at least 50 people in attendance and it requires a $10 donation at the door, but it will be so worth it! You can also just donate to support the cause here: Hearts of Dorkness website.

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