The Wolverine Director!


As fanboys everywhere know, Darren Aronofsky dropped out of the latest Wolverine film project back in March. Already skeptical about the movie what with the abortion known as Wolverine: Origins, I personally felt Aronofsky’s departure all but doomed this project.
Now comes news that Fox and Hugh Jackman have selected a director to pick up the reins. James Mangold, director of the very underrated remake “3:10 to Yuma” starring Christian Bale and Russell Crowe and “Cop Land” starring the rare critically acclaimed Sylvester Stallone film, is currently in negotiations to clean up the mess from the aforementioned Wolverine debacle. This is great news to fans everywhere as Mangold has proven his ability to finesse action and storytelling. Not to mention the fact that said story is written by Christopher McQuarrie, best known for Unusual Suspects but I give him props for writing the best film introduction of all time with the opening scene in The Way of the Gun. When Aronofsky was first announced, I think we can all agree we felt relieved because the character was in the capable hands of an artist who knew how to take pain and misery and create suspense and drama. Now with Mangold I feel we have a fighting chance at a good movie. Plus Mangold and Jackman have previously worked together on the chick flick “Kate and Leopold” which was not bad as far as romantic comedies go. Now the bad news. Let’s hope this doesn’t become “Knight and Day.”

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