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Once again here we are with another amazing piece of art from artist Tim Pittides and his VICES series.

His latest print is nothing short of amazing for so many reasons. His ability and style continues to have that old style feeling to it that reminds me of advertising signs from days gone by. But this time out, Tim evolved the color palette to showcase the main ingredient of the highlighted drink, the grapes. The final result works to perfection.

Check it out for yourself:

Artist: Tim Pittides
Size: 18″ x 24″
Edition Size: 80
Price: $50
Printed by: VGKIDS
Notes: 11 color screenprint featuring Metallic Gold ink. Printed on French Poptone Wild Cherry Paper

WINE – Sparkling Variant
Artist: Tim Pittides
Size: 18″ x 24″
Edition Size: 40
Price: $75
Printed by: VGKIDS
Notes: 11 color screenprint featuring Metallic Gold ink. Printed on Shimmer Red Satin Metallic Paper

Back in 2016, at the VICES solo exhibition at the Bottleneck Gallery, someone asked me, ‘What’s next for the series?’ And I responded color. Not that the other prints needed it. The whole idea was conveying the messages with a noir and dark feel. But I knew even then, the series would have to evolve and certain subjects would need a different approach. And this new approach was not easy. And this piece would be the start of it.

When I first started formulating the idea for the print, I knew only one thing; It would be in the form of a vintage advertising poster. It begged itself to the concept. The whole VICES series as a whole came from this concept. But none of the VICES lends itself to the advert more so than Wine.

Wine has been a staple of good times and bad all throughout human history. Considered ‘the nectar of the Gods’, even Jesus supposedly turned water into it. Wine is drank at dinners and church and certain cultures allow children to drink it.

In our society, we tend to hear that after a rough day a glass of wine helps soothe a tired and worn soul. Legal self medication when used responsibly could be wonderful and even healthy. But soothing that soul multiple times a day will drown you. And soon what’s in your glass is worse than what causes you to fill it.  And this what I wanted the concept to be. ‘Don’t let that cup runneth over’.

– Tim Pittides

Here are some process shots of the layers and also the inks.

Both versions of WINE go on sale Wednesday, January 24th at Noon, EST, through Bottleneck Gallery.

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