Top 5 Questions To Dating A Nerdy Girl!


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Let’s face it; dating is hard in any culture- c’mon, we’re nerds. That just added a whole new level of difficult. If you’re looking to hide your identity Clark Kent style for the rest of your life, go ahead go do a ‘normal’ speed dating event, I’ve probably got some girlfriends who can give you the list of five ways to tell you’re dating a regular girl breakdown. But if you’re looking for some serious, “Hey baby can you hold my Ackbar mask while I finish my burrito supreme” kind of love, you’re going to need to know the answer to the following five question:

5. Do your fandoms clash? – Okay, this is really important. In some part of the world this is a life or death situation. You best not be bringing a Greek to a Roman party; that’s just a tragedy waiting to happen. So think about your preferred fandom. Do you have room in your tiny Vulcan heart for a Millennium Falcon size love affair? Was Ecclestein her first doctor, or is she exclusively a Tennant girl? Why is this important? Two words nerds: future children. If you’re dead set on River and Simon for the twins and she’s more of a Leia and Luke; it may not be meant to be.

4. Is she willing to live on hotdogs and soft pretzels? – This is an important question for a myriad of reasons. First and foremost, this is typical Con food. Chances are if she’s worth a Galactic Credit, you met at a Con. I can see it now, you were in the line for Shatner, praying to the karma gods to get to him before he took off and there you look—two lines over in the Jason David Frank line, dressed in hot pink and ready to go-go like the mighty morphing power ranger that she is, your eyes meet. Well I’m assuming you’ve taken off your Geordi visor and she’s removed her helmet. And there it is, sweet, sweet nerd love. You make the internationally accepted nerd signal for love (looking quickly away) and you know that soon (probably two hours by the time this Shatner line goes down) you will ask her to have a hotdog with you (obviously before the costume contest begins.) Get used to it bud, nerd love can (and should) be forged with molten nacho cheese.


3. Can she finish your nerd quotes? – This is simple. If you say, “Who you gonna call?” and she has any other answer than the correct one, run. I don’t care what she looks like you need to make the kessel run in less than 11 parsecs. Now, I’m not saying that if she can’t name all 719 species of Pokémon that she isn’t worth your time. If your gal friend can name even a few – you’re onto gold here, ‘bub. This would also be a wonderful opportunity to invent a great new car game; “Look, Exit 9! That’s Blastoise!” Just be sure to stop for bathroom breaks, those costumes are hard to clean and it’s an eight hour drive to Dragon Con.

2. What sacrifices will you have to make – Will there be a point in this relationship where you have to let her win at Catan? Nah, probably not – she’s holding most of the solider cards plus she’s got the longest road out of you and the table of your closest bros. Lock it down dude, she’s worth her weight in latinum. But don’t stare too long at that beautiful face, she’s gathering resources and just rolled a 7. However, if she’s decided that for at least one Con you guys are going to do a couples costume, ensure that you can live with yourself no matter what she picks. If she’s a good nerd,, chances are worst case you’re going as Amy and Rory. But beware, she could say Edward and Bella. Things could get rough. You know what you look like covered in sparkles and the rest of the world doesn’t need to see that (Think of the children).


1. Do her day clothes still embody the nerd culture?– Anyone can wear a ‘vintage’ Star wars t-shirt. But if your lady is rocking a hot yellow Rogue top, and calling you ‘Sugah’ at a Fourth of July party, Congratulations sir, you’re dating a nerd. Game over, proclaim your love (in Elvish of course) on the inside of a sparkling ring and make her Mrs. Admiral Ackbar Nerd.

Questions, Comments, Concerns and Complaints welcome, NerdGirl out.

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