March Nerdness 2013 – The Championship


March Nerdness 2013 championshipYour votes determined who would proceed to the championship game. Let’s see who you chose:

Monsters and Magic Users:

The Creature is certainly the “shocker” of this tournament and Doctor Strange has to be the lopsided favorite in this matchup. While his literary knowledge has served the Creature well up to this point, the Creature’s crucial flaw is that he didn’t consider comics “literature.” A foolish error on his part. The Doctor, on the other hand, has read his literature and realizes that sometimes the best way to win a battle is to give the opponent what he really wants. The Sorcerer Supreme conjures that which the Creature’s creator denied him – a bride. We all just want some “body” to love.

Robots and Aliens

This image is from JLA/Avengers which was more of a scavenger hunt than a battle royale.
This image is from JLA/Avengers which was more of a scavenger hunt than a battle royale.

The Vision and the Martian Manhunter are very similar in their powers. Vision has density and mass control; Manhunter has shape shifting and invulnerability. Vision has self-repair; Manhunter has self-healing. The both have phasing, flight, laser beams, super strength, and super speed. Vision has super computer intelligence and technological interfacing. Manhunter has telepathy, vortex breath, Martian vision, and longevity. This makes for a knockdown, drag out fight.

Martian’s first move is to attempt to phase his arm into Vision’s body with the intent to solidify and disrupt his circuits. He soon discovers that Vision is not the typical android and that he too can phase. Vision interfaces with the local technology to find that Manhunter’s weakness is fire and immediately uses his solar energy blasts to create a fire around Manhunter. The Martian quickly snuffs the fire with his vortex breath and retaliates with his own heat blasts. Realizing that fighting at this distance allows the opponent too much time to react, the combatants move in for closer combat. Matching each other in super speed and strength, each warrior deals thunderous blows to the other. It is in this close proximity that we begin to see the Martian’s advantage over Vision. Not only is J’onn slightly faster and stronger, but it is his creativity (that which separates man (or Martian) from machine) that gives the Martian the upper hand. Shape shifting into the Kraken, he uses his multiple limbs to grapple Vision to the ground. Before Vision can change his density or size, the Martian Manunter shifts into the fearsone Cthulhu and delivers the fatal blow to Vision smashing his circuitry into dust. (You like how I worked the cooler monsters back into this battle, didn’t you?)

So the championship is between Doctor Strange and Martian Manhunter. Go to Nerdlocker’s Facebook page for your chance to vote on the winner! (And if you’re a whiney baby, then you can also comment on who you think should have made it).

Before I finish, here is the answer to last article’s question of which basketball teams were represented by each winner: Louisville = Doctor Strange (the leg was a dead giveaway), Wichita State = the Creature (underdog shocker), Michigan = Vision (talented but expected to have lost much earlier), Syracuse = Manhunter (tradition of excellence but somewhat of a no show). So I was wrong about Syracuse making the championship. Does this mean that Doctor Strange will be the winner?

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