Deathlocker – Halloween Trailer, Spawn, Killer Pinata and Much More! (Episode 7)


The Deathlocker podcast is hosted by Shane Miner, James Rheem Davis and Kelly Thompson.

Deathlocker – Deathlocker! – News Update. New Halloween Trailer, Spawn, Daphne and Velma movie, and Killer Pinata

This week Shane, James and that cheating bitch Kelly talk about the new Halloween trailer, Jamie Foxx as Spawn, the new Scooby flick and whats destined to be a horror “D” movie classic Killer Pinata! Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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A Southern California kid who grew up on a Powell Peralta skateboard and Bad religion. I have always had an infinity for pop culture and see myself as a huge horror nerd. Retired Navy, I now spend my free time yelling at kids to get off my lawn while eating Chicken McNuggets and smelling my collection of HoBo socks.