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Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 3

 Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 3


Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 3


By day three, I was exhausted. But I kept calm and carried on! I managed to fit in an interview in the morning with the Red Power Ranger, Jason Faunt. In the spirit of family day at Motor City Comic Con, my eleven-year-old son operated the camera. For his first time ever, he did a pretty good job. The frame starts to tilt left a little toward the end, but he kept us both in frame for the entire shot. I was proud of him and Jason Faunt was a true Power Ranger for being the first interview of this father son team.

After that interview, we did a little shopping. The ladies checked out all the cool steam punk style jewelry and the whole family ventured over to the Doctor Who table. Eventually, on a return visit, we purchased some necklaces and a poster from both booths. Next we went to the artist section to seek out Tyler and Sara Sowles, two artists from Grand Rapids, MI that we had met at Free Comic Book Day. We commissioned a comic portrait of my kids as She-Hulk and Batman so they took pictures of the kids and told us to come back in a couple of hours.

Next we swung by the media guests so that Sabrina could see Billy Boyd and we could visit with Jeremy Bulloch. Mr. Bulloch was awesome with both the kids and allowed us to take a quick nerdy family picture with him. Lunch was had and then it was on to the kids costume contest!

Every year, the local 501st holds a costume contest for the kids. The winners receive some pretty cool Star Wars swag. As you’ll see from the pictures, there were some really great kids’ costumes this year.  The winners were glittery Boba Fett, an Ewok, Iron Man, the Minion, Slimer, and a girl Quicksilver (Days of Future Past style). While Doctor Strange, my own personal favorite, didn’t win, he got a lot of compliments and cheering from the crowd throughout. I’m guessing that the judges don’t know who Doctor Strange is. I guess that’s the price you pay for being in front of the curve. Still, I bet somewhere Benedict Cumberbatch is proud and that’s what really matters.

After the costume contest, we ventured back to our local artists and were thrilled with the piece they created! All in all, this was easily the best year I’ve ever had at Motor City Comic Con. I was extremely satisfied with the number and quality of interviews I received. Although we had a few technical glitches with the video, it all came out great for our first time.

Keep an eye out for Chloe Bennet’s panel. We’re trying to edit it down so you’re not watching 38 minutes with my obnoxious laughter. (She was funny!) Also, tune in to 2 Nerdy Dads this week. I have some behind the scenes stories about my encounters with the media guests I will share that are “too hot for these articles.” Plus I’ll make some suggestions of how you can make your next convention visit the most rewarding as possible.


Check out our interview with Jason Faunt (Red Time Force Ranger in Power Rangers Time Force)

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