Cosplay Cutie of the Week! TigerLily as Elizabeth from Bioshock


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Happy Monday Nerds!! As we do every Monday it is time for Cosplay Cutie of the Week. This week’s Cosplay Cutie goes by the name of TigerLily hailing from South England. The reason why I chose this particular cutie is that I could not get over the fact that she looks just like Elizabeth from BioShock. I had just started playing the BioShock games when I came across this young lady and had to show you guys. The combination of TigerLily’s bright blue eyes and the photographic genius of Tascha Dearing, who did the shots you see below makes for some amazing images. Make sure to check out both TigerLily’s Facebook page HERE as well as Tascha’s Facebook page HERE. That’s all for this week Nerds. Let us know what you think of TigerLily’s Elizabeth!

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