Cosplay Cutie of the week! Naruto – Sakura Haruno

Check out this week's Cosplay Cutie: Sakura Haruno from Naruto!


Happy Monday, Nerds! Over the weekend I spent most my time catching up on the latest issues of Naruto, which happens to be the only manga I read. I’ve tried others but Naruto seems be the only one I can read on a consistent basis. So after reading a bunch of it this weekend I went out in search of a cutie that fit into my Naruto state of mind. I think I found it.

This week’s cutie comes to us by way of Daireth Winehouse who pulls off a great Sakura Haruno. Daireth is one the few Sakuras out there who can look cute and sexy at the same time. I have to say me likey!

Model: Daireth Winehouse
Snaps: Pitt Stark
Naruto – Sakura Haruno

Check out more of Daireth on her Tumblr Page and be sure to tell her Nerdlocker sent you!

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