Cosplay Cutie of the Week! King of Fighters Mia

So what are the 2 things you need have to pull off Mia Shiranui from the SNK hit series King of Fighters? Click here and find out!


Happy Monday Nerds! What better way to get your Monday morning going than with this Cosplay Cutie! This week’s Cosplay Cutie comes to us all the way from Italy, where the art form seems be taken pretty seriously. Giorgia has graced us with a very well done Mia Shiranui from King Of Fighters. Not many women can pull this one off due to two main factors, two big, swinging factors: the dress and the hair. Man, I wonder what she uses get the volume and bounce. With such a large inventory of pictures I’m sure we will see a lot more Giorgia in the future!


Mia Shiranui
King Of Fighters

Check out more of Giorgia on her Deviant Art page or on her website. Let us know what you think about Giorgia in the comments below!

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