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This week, I spent a lot of time walking. My feet can attest to my determination to cover every inch of the Las Vegas Convention Center. I like to think that I have accomplished my goal by the amount of cool things I saw and great people I met. Here are some of the newest products and trends that are guaranteed to make us scream , “I need it!!!!”

The Tactile Transducer

Nothing is more fantastic than an awesome sound system to accompany the gigantic television that gamers play their favorite video games on. This is a big portion of nerdiness that people don’t often think about when they think geek. There is so much out there that doesn’t always get acknowledged. While they are great, it’s not all Batman and Pokeman. However, other areas of fandom can go unnoticed. For instance, sound systems in the home, car, or even nerdcave. EarthquakeAudio Corp. is a perfect example of a company breaking into another aspect of their current market by providing gamers with an amazing product. Adding a new dimension to how we game and watch movies, the Tactile Transducer is simply genius.

It sends a current of vibrations up through your couch, recliner, or even computer chair that follows the bass of whatever game or movie you are viewing. The additional dimension added to a computer chair means that even computer gamers can experience the game differently. It truly is an amazing way to experience entertainment. I was able to sit on a couch that had the transducer installed while watching a Samsung 3D television, with hands down the greatest 3D glasses that actually work and don’t leave its user sick. Needless to say, it was amazing! I felt everything the movie had to offer and I loved it. The transducer adds a dimension to entertainment that goes beyond 3D and actually enhances the effect. If you take one thing from CES, don’t let it be Justin Bieber’s dancing robot. Let it be what Earthquake Audio can do for you.

Turtle Beach

While walking an onslaught of headphone booths, a few stopped me dead in my tracks. The first was the Turtle Beach exhibit because they have so many new products. No matter what type of console you are playing they have an option for you. Gaming on the go? Turtle Beach has three different mobile options for you. Depending on what you like, there’s an option. Gamers can choose from an over-ear, on-ear, or even a bud set. All are easily portable and offer great quality. Then there is the XP500 for the XBOX 360. It is a completely wireless headset that allows you to game and talk on the phone at the same time. It will integrate the sounds of the game along with the voice coming through the phone so you don’t miss a thing, and no one will be the wiser.

The Maker Bot

Have you ever wanted to build your own Lego-ish castle? Or perhaps create your own chess set but carving one from stone isn’t really you’re thing? Well then I have something mind-blowing for you! It’s called the Maker Bot and it will build pretty much anything you can think of; all you need is a design. Amazingly enough, the Maker Bot is only $1000. You can build whatever you want for one thousand dollars! That blows my mind. Think of the possibilities.You can be as creative as you want and it fits in your corner.

House of Marley

My favorite exhibit this year was the House of Marley booth created by the Marley brothers to pay homage to their father. The Marley line of audio products will blow your dreads back. In a world where wood grain is the next big thing to come back into style, House of Marley does it right. Not only are all of the wood and plastic products made from sustainable resources, they also deliver an amazing sound. This entire line of products is fantastic. They offer everything from very stylishly designed bud earphones to a portable boom box. A simple portable speaker was able to drown out all of the surrounding sound of this very loud exhibit and deliver a clear and precise sound. Above all, this company is truly concerned with giving back. A portion of the proceeds will be going to, a non-profit created with the Marleys to support charities that help youth. Prices will range from $29.99 to $499.99. They come with rechargeable batteries and a built-in bag. All the products really deliver a fantastic quality that stuck in my mind.

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