Nerdlocker CES Experience: Day Two

I could not have known what I was walking into on day two at CES. Parking was absolute hell, and I strongly suggest taking the stairs over the escalators. I’ve never seen that level of congestion in one place but there was a light at the end of the tunnel: the entrance to the convention floor. Here you can find almost anything this year. Technology has taken a new high at CES 2012. Cell phones, tablets, ultrabooks, thumb drives, and sooo much more. Let’s break down day two:

Victorinox 1TB SSD Pocketknife

First up is this little gem. You know this company very well through their Swiss Army collection. Being a provider of everyday tools in your pocket for over 100 years. In a world where we hold high-octane graphics devices in the palms of our hands, and multi-functioning communications on our hip, the pocket knife still finds thousands of purposes even today. But could it be even more functional? The answer is most certainly yes.

Victorinox is not just packing a thumb drive into their world famous pocket knives, but one that can carry one terabyte of data. It supports USB 3.0 and eSata transfer and you can even detach the drive from the knife in case you are clumsy with tiny knives like I am. It comes in several other sizes too, including 64gb, 128gb, and 256gb.

The line of devices are set to release in August, but it’ll be a while before I can afford one of these puppies. The 64gb model goes for $599 and the amazing terabyte drive goes for a cool three grand.

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia has not left the building yet. They have now unveiled plans for a series of new phones exclusively running Windows 7. The Nokia Lumia 900 will be the premier device in the US market and will be offered in a bunch of different colors. The device will be made available exclusively on AT&T.

Tagg Pet Tracker

This might seem like a little bit of a break from the normal tech of CES but for me, it was a welcome one. Believe it or not, the nerds at Nerdlocker have pets. I personally have a dog, and if he wasn’t such a gentlemen and well-mannered creature of valor, I would be afraid of him running away. Fortunately, he enjoys my presence and shared literal views to the degree that he has no need to find shelter elsewhere. On the other hand, I can understand anyone becoming dangerously jealous of the relationship I have with my pup and inevitably stealing him. The Tagg Pet Tracker resolves both aforementioned problems by giving us the geo-fence. You would essentially set up a perimeter around your home so that whenever the Tagg Pet Tracker leaves that area, you would get an email or text message. The device is highly customizable with the ability to set how far the perimeter goes, how you are notified and you can even continue tracking your pet on your iPhone or Android phone. The collar only runs around $100 but you will have to pay a monthly fee of $7.95 for the service.

HTC Titan II

This was definitely one of the most beautiful and feature packed devices I saw on my second day. Getting a face lift after the first Titan, this one comes thinner, prettier, and is full of awesome. The super-heroic Titan II has a 1.5gHZ processor, a 4.7inch LCD screen, and shoots video in 720p. If that wasn’t enough to get your motor running, they threw in a 16-mega-pixel camera on the back. If that doesn’t make you want to take your old camera out into a field and beat it with a baseball bat, I don’t know what will. It even has a 1.3 mega-pixel front facing camera so you can face chat with your friends. What stuck out for me was the LCD screen. It makes everything so crystal clear and pops with color. Watching Netflix on this phone would not be a pain at all.

HP Envy 14 Spectre

Having one of many Ultrabooks being debuted at CES 2012, HP had a lot to live up to. Over the years, I have learned to expect a lot from the multi-billion dollar computer manufacturer. This year, they do not disappoint. HP showed off their Intel Core Ultrabook and that it’s capable of using 8gb of RAM and 256gb SSD, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the top cover. The fully glass-covered laptop could easily be confused with a gigantic tablet PC which is what I thought it was until they opened it up and showed its huge screen and sexy keyboard. It was rather heavy but understandably so for what this machine packs inside of it. And with all that, it still promises a 9 hour battery life. Pretty dang impressive. HP plans on officially releasing the Envy 14 Spectre to the public on February 8th and will have a retail price of $1,400.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Something that has been racking my brain for years is why we can’t use our laptops like a notepad for quick notes and the like. In all of our infinite wisdom, we haven’t been able to pull that off yet? Seems insane, but thankfully, Lenovo shares my same drive and ingenuity. I was able to see a laptop do what all my dreams have been begging for. The IdeaPad Yoga sports a 13.1-inch touch screen and runs Windows 8. If you have read anything about Microsoft’s next version of its operating system, then you know that one of the biggest selling points is its 10-point multi-touch functionality. That means you can use this touch device like no other tablet in the world…yet. Other than that, it supports up to 8gb of RAM and 256gb SSD. It’s light-weight, extremely functional and looks quite dapper in its black leather trim. It will be released in the final quarter of the year and will run you just about $1,200.

Polaroid SC1630

Finally, we have a camera running the Android OS. I feel like this was a no-brainer, but now it’s finally here. Polaroid put together a camera that is 16 mega-pixels, has a 3.2-inch display, has at least 54gb of on-board storage, AND runs Android 2.3. I know, that is just not enough to get you to buy it. What if it had WiFi and 3x zoom? Meaning you can share your high resolution photos to all your friends, to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever! It even has full access to the Android Market. So you can install any games or apps you want. Including my personal favorite photo application, Vignette, which essentially turns your phone (and now your simple point-and-shoot camera) into a full-fledged DSLR and photo-editing booth all in one. I am sold!

Stay tuned for more CES news from the only place for your inner nerd, Nerdlocker.


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