KICKSTARTER: Dead Decks Dynasty by Florey




One of our favorite artists has launched his first Kickstarter campaign. What are we to do? Support the hell out of it and let you in on the Nerdy goodness!

Designing a deck of cards has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The goal of this Kickstarter Project is to fund the production of the first deck in a planned line of playing cards.

– Florey

So Florey’s goal is to produce Dead Decks, a new line of playing cards exploring the overall theme of life and death. The first deck, “Dynasty” is loosely inspired by the culture, beliefs and death rituals of royalty throughout history.

The design of the deck features full bleed artwork with vibrant colour to offer something not often seen in playing card decks. Both sides of the cards feature a metallic gold ink to support the royalty theme.

Check them out for yourself:

Check out the Kickstarter video for more information:

Better yet, visit the Kickstarter page and support a great artist and get some great art – HERE!

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