Spoke Art at Wondercon 2017!


SPOKE ART is incredibly excited to announce that they will be exhibiting at the upcoming WonderCon 2017, taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center from March 31st to April 2nd.

Please join Spoke Art at their booth number 2149 where they’ll be releasing several new con-exclusives as well as rare archive works and more!

ONLINE SALE BEGINS FRIDAY, APRIL 7TH: Any remaining copies left over from WonderCon will go online on Friday, April 7th here on the Spoke Art website HERE

Here’s a look at their tentative schedule for the weekend. More exclusives will be posted here as the weekend progresses.

Friday, March 31st:

Chuck Sperry con-exclusive print release (noon)
Chuck Sperry archive sale (noon)
Rhys Cooper con-exclusive print release (noon)
Steve Thomas con-exclusive print release (noon)
Matt Dye con-exclusive print release (noon)

Saturday, April 1st:

Marq Spusta con-exclusive print release (10am)
Tim Doyle con-exclusive print release (10am)
David Welker con-exclusive print release (10am)
Chuck Sperry ‘Helikon’ book signing (noon)

Please note:

All sales will be first come-first served and limited to one-per-person.
All customers must be at least 18 years old.
3Day and 1Day Badge holders will receive priority over Exhibitors, Press or VIPs.
Here is a sneak peak of a few piece’s that will be available only on these dates.

Rhys Cooper – “Mononoke”
Seven color screen print / Hand numbered
Edition of 150 / 12″ x 36″

Available Friday, March 31st


Steve Thomas – “Los Angeles 2019″
Fine art giclee print / Signed and numbered
Edition of 150 / 18″ x 24”

Available Friday, March 31st


Matt Dye – “Kill Bill”
Five color screen print on oil slick foil paper / Signed and numbered
Edition of 73 / 18″ x 36″

Available Friday, March 31st

David Welker – “Excavation”
Limited edition archival digital print / Signed and Numbered
Edition of 100 copies / 12″ x 16″

Available Saturday, April 1st

Marq Spusta – “A Quiet Disposal” – Stone Variant Edition
Limited edition screen print / Signed and Numbered
Edition of 80 copies / 13″ x 15.5″

Available Saturday, April 1st

Tim Doyle – “Howl’s Moving Castle” – Red Sky Variant
Limited edition screen print / Signed and Numbered
Edition of 30 copies / 18″ x 24″

Available Saturday, April 1st

Chuck Sperry – “Eleutheria”
Seven color screen print / Hand numbered
Edition of 150 / 21″ x 32″

Available Friday, March 31st


About Spoke:

SPOKE is an art space specializing in new contemporary painting, sculpture and illustration with an emphasis in accessible programming. Started in 2010, the gallery now houses two locations, one in San Francisco’s Lower Nob Hill neighborhood and one in New York City’s Lower East Side. Each space rotates monthly exhibits that feature a wide variety of solo and group shows, many of which feature an international roster of represented artists.

Throughout the year we also do pop-up shows, conventions and art fairs around the country and you can usually find us in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or Miami at least once a year. In addition to Spoke Art, be sure to check out our sister gallery Hashimoto Contemporary (located just two doors down from us in SF) as well as our full service custom frame and print shop, Paragon Press, located in Berkeley, CA.

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