Nerdlocker Looks Ahead to Texas Frightmare Weekend 2017


While we live in a golden age where horror/cult cons and festivals are popping up left and right and many are incredibly worthy of one’s time and money, none of them are quite like Dallas’ Texas Frightmare Weekend. This year’s event, spanning May 5th-7th, 2017, marks the 12th year running of one of the absolute greatest weekends one can hope to experience. Nerdlocker will be returning to the festival this year and here’s just a taste of what we’re most excited about.


This year marks the 40th anniversary of one of cinema’s most unnerving and artistic endeavors, the witchery fueled Italian masterpiece, Suspiria. In celebration of the film and its longevity, TFW has not only assembled some of the film’s principal cast including Stefania Casini, Barbara Magnolfi and Udo Kier but they’re also bringing in the maestro himself, director Dario Argento! Argento is Horror and Cinema royalty and his presence during TFW is a serious high water mark for the entire weekend.


It’s no secret that us Nerdlocker folks love and appreciate our friends at Mondo on a whole other level. Over the years Mondo has become THE name in limited edition pop culture collectibles ranging from prints to vinyl to toys and more. It’s become a yearly tradition for Mondo to really embrace their Horror and Cult licenses for TFW and this year should prove to be no exception. While the items that will be available have yet to be revealed, Mondo is kick-starting the weekend Thursday night with a (now Sold Out) 35mm print screening of John Carpenter’s The Thing featuring an exclusive print by artist extraordinaire Jason Edmiston.


There is truly no shortage of amazing celebrities from all walks of the world of entertainment who will be hanging out throughout the weekend for autographs and picture opportunities. From Horror films to cult TV and even wrestling there’s sure to be many a famous face to see. Along with the aformentioned Suspiria celebration there’s also a 35th anniversary celebration of John Carpenter’s The Thing featuring cast members including Keith David and Wilford Brimley! There’s also going to be a Fright Night reunion with almost the entire main cast and director Tom Holland all in attendance. Other highlights are Ted Raimi, Dean Cundey and Doyle from The Misfits!


If you’re planning to attend TFW you should probably go ahead and make sure you’ve set aside plenty of space for all the merch and goodies you’re going to be bringing home. Numerous vendors as far as the eyes can see helping everyone with their collecting needs. From enamel pins to exclusive, OOP blu-rays from all across the Earth there will certainly be plenty of things to add to your own personal and beloved collection


Knowing that so many of our friends from all over the world are going to be under one roof is one of the biggest draws. Despite our penchant for the murderous and the macabre, Horror and Cult fans are some of the kindest, friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Sure there will be lines, but that’s the perfect place to chat up a neighbor and possibly make a new life-long friend or three. Between all the signings and screenings and general hangs you’ll certainly find yourself going home with memories and good times that you can’t wait to share with all your friends back home.

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