Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 2



Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 2


Day two of the Motor City Comic Convention was a mad house! Saturday is always the busiest day of the convention weekend and today may have been the busiest I had seen it since two years ago when Stan Lee was in attendance. The difference between that year and this was the way in which those running the convention prepared for such numbers. The lines, whether for food or for media guests, were fully staffed and run efficiently. Opening up the entire convention area certainly paid off. There were a few aisles that were a tight squeeze, but overall the traffic flowed smoothly.

With the crowds, interviews were not going to be possible. So instead I attended the panel with Chloe Bennet from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bennet’s character, Skye, has never been my favorite on the show. Frankly, her character in season one drove me crazy. Today, I felt bad. Bennet’s self-deprecating humor and her sincere admiration for her character, her fans and her show made me reconsider. I hereby pledge to watch the latest season and give Skye another chance, especially now that she has earthquake powers. Even if I never become a fan of Skye, I am a fan of Chloe Bennet.

After the panel, I did some shopping with my son. He was determined to find an Ultron action figure. When my son is determined, the better word for it is obsessed. So we scoured every vender for an Ultron and eventually my son settled for a Wasp. After securing this treasure, we cruised by the costume contest and got some pictures (see below) but we didn’t stay long enough to see who won.

Next we got Billy Boyd’s autograph. He was a fan of my son’s new glasses and his unique name. We finished the day by chatting with Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) who gave my son about a dozen high fives and told me that while he was filming Star Wars during the day, he was in a play at night. He’d get up at four in the morning to make to the set on time so that he wouldn’t lose the opportunity to don the Mandalorian armor.

Tomorrow is day 3. Family day! So expect a lot of pictures of tiny heroes, villains, Jedi, and ninjas.

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