MondoCon 2017!


Let’s get it out of the way. The dates you need to know are November 4th and 5th. The place is the Austin American-Statesman building located at 305 S. Congress Avenue. The event is of course MondoCon 2017!


Ok, now let’s get down to the Nerdy details. As in past years, MondoCon is a celebration of all things Mondo, which of course includes movies, art, comics, music, toys, food, and much more. It’s one of the few conventions we go to where the fans are truly the focus and you can meet your favorite artists, buy amazing art, see fantastic films, and most importantly hangout with likeminded Nerds.

For our fourth annual MondoCon, we really wanted to enhance the fan experience and our connection to the city of Austin. We’re so excited to find a new home at the Austin American-Statesman building. We’ll be taking over the space that used to house all their old printing presses and think it is going to create a truly unique environment for the weekend’s activities. This year, we’re thrilled to be hosting our evening screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar. The Lamar Drafthouse was home to Mondo for many years and we are so glad we can offer our fans the opportunity to enjoy a film in the world’s greatest theater. As for what to expect this year, we’ll be bringing out more amazing artists, panels, and products to accompany a weekend of eating awesome food, drinking great beer, and hanging with amazing people.

– Justin Brookhart, Mondo Managing Director

Here is the current list of Artists & Exhibitors expected to attend.

Martin Ansin
Oliver Barrett
Richey Beckett
Florian Bertmer
Jonathan Burton
Scott C
Sam Wolfe Connelly
Becky Cloonan
Daniel Danger
Craig Drake
Aaron Draplin
Jason Edmiston
Francesco Francavilla
Nicole Gustafsson
JJ Harrison
Industry Print Shop
Rob Jones
Alex Kirzhner
Rory Kurtz
Dan McCarthy
Mike Mitchell
The National Poster Retrospecticus
Randy Ortiz
Alex Pardee
Phantom City Creative
Eric Powell
Gary Pullin
JC Richard
Jay Ryan
Justin Santora
Mike Saputo
Todd Slater
Stan & Vince
William Stout
Matt Taylor
Tiny Kitten Teeth
Matt Ryan Tobin
Kevin Tong
Unbox Industries
Teagan White
Erica Williams
N.C. Winters
Jeremy Bastian
Burlesque of North America
Ken Garduno
Tom Haubrick
Hi-Def Ninja
César Moreno
Arik Roper
Drew Struzan
John Vogl
Matthew Woodson

Click HERE to learn more about these artist.

Last but not least, the event has gotten so big they have a trailer! Check it out:

Get Ready for MondoCon 2017! from Mondo on Vimeo.

Needless to say we are stoked for this year’s event! Hope to see you Nerds there as well!

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