HawaiiCon Explodes onto the 50th State

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The first ever HawaiiCon is set to hit the big island on September 12-14 2014. I got a chance to talk to Jesse Minick one of the organizers and GB Hajim the founder of HawaiiCon.  They were very excited to tell us about bringing the comic experience to Hawaii. GB Hajim, the founder of HawaiiCon, works in the film industry and someone asked him why there aren’t any conventions in Hawaii. He asked around to see if there was an interest, and of course there was. So he and a small team started a kickstart campaign to get HawaiiCon going (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/289378015/hawaiicon). Originally they were asking for $35,000, but by the end of the campaign, they have raised over $68,500! Quite an impressive thing in my book. 

Here’s a few questions we got to ask them about the upcoming convention:

Nerdlocker: How does it feel to bring the world of comics to Hawaii with the first ever HawaiiCon?

Jessie Minick: It’s hard to put into words how blessed we all feel going into our first convention. We are very passionate about HawaiiCon and we are excited to bring this event to the Big Island. We hope to keep this going for many, many years and become the “Pro Bowl” of conventions.

Nerdlocker: Why did you feel now was the time for Hawaii’s first convention?

Jessie Minick: The stars aligned for us. We were all pulled together and the timing was just right. Everyone involved just vibes off of one another. Conventions are on the rise and there isn’t a con like this in Hawaii. So why not have a con in paradise?

GB Hajim: Conventions have hit a critical mass for their popularity which is exciting and so now is the time to try a different kind of convention experience. HawaiiCon will have the panels, workshops, and events other conventions have, but we are keeping it more intimate and at the same time more exciting. HawaiiCon is on the edge of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and we are creating adventure experiences that mirror those on the shows we watch: An exotic, almost alien landscape traveling with your favorite stars on the ocean, a top mountains, even underwater!

Special thanks to Michael Andres for making this interview possible.

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