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This past week has been full of epic wins for you electronic nerds out there. So many innovative and new gizmos laced the aisles of the 2014 International Electronic Consumer Show. From new smartphones to televisions, PC and gaming devices to streaming services. So many awesome events, and spectacular presentations and of course gadgetry were the talk of Las Vegas and we’re going to give you our top picks and moments!

Let’s start off by explaining that just because CES opened its doors to the tech industry on a Tuesday doesn’t mean Monday wasn’t pretty exciting, because it was! Monster Products held its press conference and aside from announcing that the company was going back to its original logo to concentrate on what built the company with its audio cables and components and not a popular west coast rapper/producer. But what I thought was the highlight of the presentation was special guest NBA start Shaquille O’Neil who was hysterical from start to finish. He was the epitome of a comedic goofball who had the crowd chuckling and entertained as he promoted HDMI cables for the company.


Samsung had an awkward moment during their press conference which ended up becoming the most talked about situation of the day when special guest speaker Michael Bay had more of an embarrassing snafu than what the audience called meltdown as he walked off stage after the Transformers director’s teleprompter stopped working as he was in mid-sentence which left Samsung Executive Vic President Joe Stinziano alone on stage.

AT&T had their developer’s conference and annual Hackathon where inventors created ingenious inventions you would think took years to make but mind blowingly done in in the duration of the event, and to end AT&T’s impressive conference was a private concert by musical artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis who had the audience jumping on their feet as they sang along with the MTV Music Award Winners.

On to the actual CES extravaganza as it was extremely packed with tech giants like Samsung, Sony, NVidia, Panasonic, and even car companies like Audi, Mercedes, Toyota, etc. It was all force with all the fancy next big things as they were on their final length of demonstrations and media display at the convention prior to their public release.


One thing that was a staple of this year’s show was 4K televisions which scattered the convention halls. From Samsung’s curved TV’s which reduce glare. Panasonic’s beautiful Hi-Def 3D TV’s, Sony’s Projectors that support crystal clear 4K visuals and Visio’s 105 inch TV, there was enough monitors at the convention to cover a few miles in length.

Tablets were another craze at the convention as manufactures like Asus showed off their Transformer Book Duo, Lenovo with their Windows ThinkPad 8 Tablet, Samsung’s Galaxy NotePRO, or what I thought was neat was AT&T Asus PadFone X which was a mixture between phone and tablet which runs on the same interface. Though you would need both the 5 inch 1080p HD smartphone and add on 9 inch HD tablet dock.

Going back to Monster Products. Over at their booth they collaborated with The UFC to unveil their new Octagon headphones. UFC Octagon Girl Arriany Celeste was present doing a meet and greet, taking photos and doing an impromptu autograph session for attendee that were present at the Monster booth.


Monster also showed off their one of a kind car Veneno Roadster that they partnered up with Lamborghini which the in-car audio system is powered by the audio giant. A jaw dropping red sleek car that looks more futuristic than conventional but had the crowd clamoring for pictures with the vehicle which included celebrities like music producer and rapper Swizz Beats, and model Tyson Beckford.

With Playstation 4 making its debut just a few months ago, big news was released by Sony Interactive as they finally announced the highly anticipated Playstation Now. The streaming service with allow gamers to play through a vast array of the Playstation 3 catalog. The service is a sigh of relief to players since the Playstation 4 was not built to be backwards compatible for PS3 games. Having the ability to stream and play potentially the entire Playstation 3 catalog from not just the Playstation 4 systems but on tablets and smartphones is a gamers dream.

Speaking of the future of gaming, the Oculus Rift system was turning heads with virtual reality headset as the Crystal Cove was the talk of convention goers. The updated prototype had a more refined and detailed graphics but with Rift developers still fine tuning the headset, expect a turnaround time later than the sooner.


Another head turner was the Modulart Desktop PC by Razer. The muti-tiered PC tower is interesting due to how easy it was to upgrade the components. Want to change the storage to the tower? Pull out the storage box and swap it out for a bigger disk drive. Change out the video card? Don’t go through the hassle of old PC’s by opening the tower and pulling out the card with all the wiring and potential hazard of damaging the entire system. Just easily change everything clean and simple. That was the pitch that Razer had to attendees; and just by the look of awe they all had, they definitely had their attention.

Gibson Guitar had their own event right outside the convention center as Doc Brown and the DeLorean arrived to the iconic guitar company’s tent to promote their products which had attendees running from the convention halls once word broke out to get a glimps of the famed scientist and his time traveling vehicle. Christopher Lloyd made a special appearance toting Mart McFly’s ES-345 guitar which he pretended to play for a brief moment in which he then explained that he went back in time to the year 1894 to see Gibson’s first guitars. It was a fun spectacle which went off without a hitch. In fact Google probably was the big winner of the Gibson’s event when someone in the audience passed his Google glasses to Lloyd who then dawn the pair throughout the duration of the event.


Over at North Hall, Ford Motor Company had Sirius Satellite Radio doing live segments with radio personalities like Ralph Cirella and guest Chris Gore who did My Geek Time live and discussed everything and anything that was going on at CES. The comedy ensued as many laughs were had by Cirella, Gore and convention attendees. The My GEEK Time show was yet another way for people who weren’t as CES to be a part of the convention as the show was very informative and entertaining.

A great presence at the show that weren’t physically there was Natflix. The online streaming giant was one of the most talked about topics throughout every television conglomerate like Sony who announced that shows like Breaking Bad were going to be streamed in 4K. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings also announced that all their Netflix shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black were going to be filmed in 4K seeing is that the future of television is going the 4K route. People were hash taging Netflix with the big announcements and it was sending waves throughout the convention.


And finally the biggest news in CES or at least what I thought was the biggest news came from World Wrestling Entertainment as chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon finally announced the WWE Network has finally arrived after almost two years of buzz! The network will debut on February 24th of this year, and is expected to win over the crowd. For a subscription of $9.99 a month, (w/ a six month contractual subscription) you get to stream the entire WWF/WWE, WCW and ECW Pay-Per-Views from the past, pre and post shows from Raw and Smackdown, a huge collection of old Raw and Smackdown episodes, WWE original series, more 1,500 hours of content from the WWE archives and the biggest kicker, all 12 monthly Pay-Per-Views!

From WWE Sumer Slam to the Royal Rumble to the mother of all wrestling Pay-Per-Views, Wrestlemania!! That alone is close to a $700.00 value, all for $120.00. It doesn’t matter if you’re a wrestling fan or not, what the WWE had done will potentially change everything regarding how businesses like Netflix and Hulu conduct. WWE just cut out the middle man regarding Pay-Per-Views in a sense; and the millions and millions of wrestling fans will wreak the benefit from this deal.

So how did CES do this year? Did you like what was brought to the tech table? Did Playstation deliver, were you excited for the new Asus tablet/phone hybrid coming out? And what do you think about 4K Netflix? Let us know what you think?

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