A Girlfriends First Time at Rose City Comic Con Pt. 2


Sometimes a con is so much fun it takes a couple days to get back to the swing of things. Sometimes it’s a good month in the case of part two of this series about a first timers experience at a comic con. Rose City Comic Con looked to deliver a whole lot and it certainly did. The panels were interesting and engaging with the guests including Stan Lee making it a fun one. The convention floor was full of a great mix of artists, vendors, and things to do. For the poster people, the first ever tabling of Tyler Stout was mind blowing. Tyler and his gracious wife, Sarah were manning the booth all weekend and brought with them some major “grails” in the form of long sold out prints. But enough about my con experience. I checked in with our con newbie, Jeanna, to see how it went for her.


What are you initial thoughts on your first comic con??

I was surprised by how big the hall was and how many artists and vendors there were! I can’t even imagine what SDCC would be like!

Did you go to any panels?

I went to two different panels. The first was John and Joan Cusak and it was very underwhelming. The second was with Peter Mayhew and Brian Herring. That one was great and the questions/answers were actually pretty interesting.

How about booths, were there any that you were excited about?

The Artist Alley was pretty cool and there were definitely a few booths that drew my eye. I liked the Nimasprout booth and there was one guy that did artwork on vinyl albums and on wood planks that I liked.










Did you buy anything great?

I ended up getting a mermaid coloring book for my mom who is obsessed with mermaids and an Anthony Bourdain prayer candle for my stepdad who loves him.

How were the crowds?

When we first went in it wasn’t very busy so that was nice! I got to play some retro arcade games and walk around to peruse. As the day went on though it got crazier and by the end it seemed completely full so I was glad we went early.

Were their any artists in particular that you enjoyed meeting?

We only met a couple but Tyler Stout and his wife (Sarah) were super nice and put up with a certain someone’s booth stalking haha. But no, they were really cool and that was pretty awesome I think to be able to meet the people behind the art.

Would you go to another convention?

I would consider it. It was fun but definitely kind of stressful. I think it would be fun to see what other conventions are like though!

Stan Lee Panel
Stan Lee Panel








What would you bring differently with you next time if so?

More people! I think it would have been fun to have a friend with me that was also new so that when Alex gets obsessed with the Stout booth I have a buddy to walk around with and go to panels and whatnot.










So an overall great first con experience. Rose City Comic Con will be back at the Oregon Convention Center in 2017.

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