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Jim – I will state this with every review I write for the DC Relaunch, I’m a Marvel guy so I know very little of the DC world beyond the heavy hitters (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, etc.), and even to that end I have not kept up with their latest story lines. I found the recent relaunch extremely enticing in that I might find a better connection with these characters. So this is the first book from the vaunted Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, with additional art by Scott Williams. I will start by saying I enjoyed the book when taken as a stand alone effort. However, when taking into account that it was the first book to set off the relaunch, as well as the only book to have several pages previewed in a free handout, it was simply average. The first release needed to be much stronger in order to thrust DC’s efforts into the forefront as a must read. Granted, the book has sold out several times over, but I have heard from many a diehard fan that this book was disappointing.
Now from the standpoint of a fanboy who last read the Justice League when it was in the amazing hands of Grant Morrison in the form of JLA, I enjoyed it. I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship between Batman and Green Lantern and their growing disdain for the others’ way of working. Obviously something big is coming down the pipeline and this really was just a tease to get us hooked for the ongoing series. So much in fact that we don’t even really have a team yet. I am excited to see the team come together and more importantly see the villains that will take them on. It was an extremely quick read and I find myself ready to pick up #2. I easily give it 3 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

Bobby – I do see this book as a fantastic start to a new series, but, as a long time reader of the Justice League and other DC comics, I can’t help but feel like they are sort of covering basics that don’t need to be covered. In this title, they make it obvious that the team is not yet together, nor are they too knowledgeable on the facts of other super heroes in existence. When they attempt to make it painfully clear that Batman has no abilities, all I can think about is how most people in the world are already aware of that fact. That the creators feel the need to clarify this over and over again is a little daunting. Ultimately, no one will care after the first arc is over with but I can see a lot of subjects being re-instituted within that first arc for no reason. Will they also feel the need to inform us that Flash is really fast or that Clark Kent is really Superman in disguise? I give this book 3 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

Cubby – With this new re-launch it seems that DC wants to make sure Justice League is the flagship book, or at least the front-runner in terms of hype and jaw-dropping visuals. It definitely delivers. Not only is Geoff Johns writing an action-packed story, he knows these characters like he knows a best friend. They act real; Batman is ten steps ahead of the game until Green Lantern shows up and is a loose cannon, giving Batman a distraction because he’s never seen GL before. I wish I could read a book with just banter of the two of them going back and forth trying to impress each other with what they can and can’t do. Not only are the characterizations spot on and interesting, Jim Lee is gracing a monthly title again, and as a huge fan I’m pleased. The pencils don’t seem as tight as normal so you don’t get the same quality you got in Batman: Hush, but they still look better than most other books out there. And if you’re going to put the heavy hitters all together in a book, you put the guy who draws THE Batman and THE Green Lantern. I just hope this book doesn’t fall off after 12 issues like it has in the past. It’s the flagship and should always stay that way. I give it 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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