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Jazmin – There has been quite the hullabaloo about the hyper-sexualization of female comic book characters, and none more so than Catwoman. I’ve been asked my opinion about this topic quite a bit and I am nowhere near as offended as everyone else. First of all, I would like to say, IT IS CATWOMAN!!!!!!! If there is one character that should be overly exposed, it’s her. That’s her prerogative. She’s wild, sexy, and dangerous. I loved seeing a Selina Kyle that has the thickness and rocks it. That being said, I really liked the art throughout this comic. Selina Kyle has been revamped. She’s a little less Hepburn and a little more Lucille Ball. We have been given a cute and quirky Catwoman and I love it. Secondly, almost every male character looks like a bodybuilding porn star. So having a sexy Catwoman is the least of my worries. Did this comic go too far by blasting its readers with cleavage or showing Catwoman and Batman engaging in a little love making? No. Where it did fall short was making a feisty villain into a damsel in distress. I think in the process of making a fun and sexy character they took away a key part of her strength by making her a broke damsel in distress. Where did the cool and calculated Catwoman go? Being hot is all fine and dandy but where is the independence, the substance, and the strength. Those are the things I want to see in a heroine, even if she is a villain. At least the old Catwoman had a little more of that. All in all I am stoked for Catwoman. 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

Jim – I will state this with every review I write for the DC Relaunch, I’m a Marvel guy so I know very little of the DC world beyond the heavy hitters (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, etc.), and even to that end I have not kept up with their latest story lines. I found the recent relaunch extremely enticing in that I might find a better connection with these characters. Let me start by saying I’ve never wanted to be Batman more in my life! It must be rough sacrificing yourself for the greater good, like being Catwoman’s scratching post! Anywho, I found this book interesting. I like how we jump right into it with her apartment blowing up. Obviously someone knows more about her than they should and they seriously want to use up her nine lives. I also enjoyed how Selina Kyle, the loner, had to ask for help from one of her very few friends. It was an interesting dynamic. And of course seeing Catwoman go off on sadistic men is always entertaining. I know many people had a problem with the ending to this book, but I found this to be a good depiction of the character. She does what she wants and gets what she wants, no apologies or guilt. I think it is more of a societal judgment than a real problem. Plus, it’s not like she’s sleeping all around town; she’s shacking up with the one man who she can feel safe with. I’m not sure where this book is going, but I’ll give it 3 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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  1. Jaz we chatted on this via twitter so I know your stance. Again in agreement w/ you is that the extra “sex appeal” came in my mind at the cost of the depth that made me appreciate Cat Woman. None of Batman’s women lacked for sex appeal. Batwoman, Zatanna, Thalia and so on. So to see Selina lose that cool calculating edge of hers sucks.

  2. Oooh. I hope I was part of the “hullabaloo”. Hullabaloo always sounds like fun. Have to agree with Nightfall. Catwoman should absolutely have sex appeal. Just not at the cost of depth. Plus, the “damaged goods” scene where she freaks on the guy in the bathroom was a bit alarming.

    1. Haha Jason the hullabaloo begins and ends with you. If you two agree then you’re both agreeing with me. Catwoman has always been independent and that’s why she’s lost. While they’re awesome, boobs aren’t a good replacement for strength.