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I’m very pleased to have gotten the opportunity to interview Dave Beaty. A lot of people might know him for his current work on Grifter or his previous work on Firestorm. I remember him as one of the nicest artists I have ever had the pleasure to meet. As he drew, he told us cool stories and he was incredibly approachable. Dave packs that extra punch in everything he works on.

Nerdlocker (NL): Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Dave Beaty (DB): I’m just your average comic book fan. Except I have worked long and hard to become a full-time comic book pro. I love super hero & martial arts movies, new wave ’80s music, and my family.

NL: Where do you find inspiration and what influences you?

DB: Mostly old-school comic art inspires me these days. Artists like Will Eisner, Reed Crandall, Mac Rayboy, Bill Everett, etc. It also influences me quite bit. I’m also a bit of a process junkie. So any sort of “art of” book I get something useful from.

Grifter Vol 3 #5
NL: Right now you are working on Grifter for DC Comics. Did you get assigned that title or was it a top pick for you?

DB: I’m enjoying the work we’re doing. I think our style fits with the book. But it was assigned. I’d really like to work on Superman but staying busy it’s what’s really important.

NL: Who are some of your favorite artists and writers?

DB: I listed a bunch of artists under my influences and they are some of my faves. As far as writers I’ve always enjoyed Alan Moore, Len Wein, and lately Scott Snyder. His Batman & Swamp Thing are my two faves of the New 52.

NL: What books have you enjoyed working on the most?

DB: I’m really proud of the stuff we’re doing on Grifter. It’s in some ways the strongest stuff we’ve done. Other than that I enjoyed Brightest Day, and the Adventure Comics covers are still probably my faves of our cover work.

NL: How long have you been in the comic book industry?

DB: I’ve been around the industry since 1994. Mostly as a ghost artist doing backgrounds for several different artists. But I stepped out of the shadows and really got noticed with my work on Bushi Tales in 2005.

NL: Where did you get your start?

DB: Guardians of the Galaxy #4 as a ghost artist. But Bushi Tales #1 is where things really got started.

Bushi Tales

NL: What was your profession before comics?

DB: Graphic Designer/Illustrator. Same as now. I still accept freelance work and you can see more of my work at I don’t see comics work being any different. It’s all visual communication. Before that I was blowing out screens in a wash out tank at a screen printing shop. Before that a janitor.

NL: What are some other projects you’re working on?

DB: My DC works keeps me super busy. But I am working on something with Shannon Denton & Bill Farmer that doesn’t really have a name yet. And an eight-page story for Unite & Take Over Vol. 2 from Spaz Dog Press. At some pint I’d love to get back to Bushi Tales but that will have to wait.

NL: What is the weirdest thing someone has ever asked you to draw at a signing?

DB: Mickey Mouse. I have never done anything for Disney. That’s usually a sign that someone wants a free sketch and really has no idea what I’ve worked on. My fave thing which not enough people ask for is Firestorm.

NL: Do you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek?

DB: I like both pretty much equally. I don’t subscribe to that whole Wars vs. Trek thing. But if I were to cosplay, I’d prefer a Wrath of Khan Starfleet uniform. Does that answer the question?

NL: What is your favorite movie?

DB: Well, here we go again. Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. But before I come off as a Trekkie, Blade Runner and Dark Knight are very close contenders.

NL: Are you a gamer? If so what’s your favorite?

DB: I don’t play games that much since high school. Mostly because of schedule. My fave is still Super Street Fighter 2. But I can sometimes be caught singing lead vocals in Rock Band.

NL: Finally, what is something random and nerdy that no one knows about you?

DB: I really enjoy Charles Paris ink work on the Batman newspaper strip. At one point I was almost obsessed with that mid-’40s look. Is that random enough? Does anyone even know who Charles Paris is anymore?

Thanks for chatting with us Dave! Keep checking Nerdlocker for all your latest comic book news and exclusive interviews!

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