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Motor City Comic Con 2016 Days 1 and 2

 Motor City Comic Con 2016 Days 1 and 2

Nananananananananana Batman!

Holy body armor, Batman!
Holy statues, Batman!

Adam West and Burt Ward were certainly the headliners of this year’s Motor City Comic Con. The con was littered with Batmen and Harleys (even more than usual). Reys and Kylo Rens were also plentiful.

The highlight of the con for me was the fist bump I got from Adam West on the way to the autograph table.

My personal lowlight was that I could not get Alloy Ash’s name right in the beginning of the interview. Not even on the third try. But she was a great sport about it and a totally killer interview. Holy cosplay model, thank you for editing software so that there’s no evidence of my idiocy. Well, no video evidence.

Ivy Doomkitty and Jordan Trovillion were also very gracious guests in their interviews. Ivy, like Alloy, gave excellent cosplay advice and I should give Jordan my paycheck because she taught any aspiring actors that it takes drive and work ethic to become successful in the entertainment field. But let’s be honest. She’d just laugh at my paycheck.

Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic were the coolest comic book men in the con. They cracked me up several times on and off camera and you could tell that they both knew their stuff, were natural entertainers, and authentically good friends.

The cosplay was on fleek (see gallery below). The costume contest was mind-blowing. The panel I attended with Meredith and David Finch was enlightening (look for an interview with them tomorrow).

The downside to the first two days of Motor City Comic Con was the availability of some of the media guests. First and foremost, it was a huge disappointment, to some nerds I know personally, that Billie Piper canceled at the last minute. Now I know that Motor City didn’t have any control over this and that they will assuredly do right by their customers, but it is still a huge bummer. I was also surprised at the number of guests who were not available on Friday and the guests who were only at their tables for an extremely limited time. Last year, the availability of media guests to their fans and to the press seemed much more plentiful.

CKC agency was, as they have been since taking over, awesome to work with. They accommodated  and communicated very well. But if media guests don’t want to grant interviews, CKC honors that request – as they should. So I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to get more interviews than I did last year. But the interviews I did get were still great!

The second downside to the con this year was lunch on Saturday. The wait to get food was over an hour! This was reminiscent of the Stan Lee debacle four years back. I’m not sure why the lines were so long. Perhaps there were just more people than usual because of Adam West. But it was a bit ridiculous.

Still, my overall experience over the first two days has been an extremely positive one. The volunteers are great. CKC hooks me up. The media guests are super friendly. My fellow nerds are in great spirits. The merchandise is popping. I’m looking forward to day three. Family day!


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