Justin Zimmerman’s Other Worlds: Fer Kidz Kickstarter!




One of our good friends is back at it again! Justin Zimmerman has a new Kickstarter project, and this time it’s for kids of all ages. You can read our interview with Justin – HERE. You can also listen to a second interview we did with him – HERE.

With his latest project, Justin has created a book that includes three short stories with illustration by Mike Lawrence. Each story toys with the imagination utilizing science fiction and fantasy, while also allowing readers of all ages to experience the journey from a child’s point of view.

Usually that’s it. Back the project, get a wonderful comic book in return. But with Justin, things are never that simple. He is also dedicated to donating hundreds of copies to his local NE Emergency Food Program (a wonderful program Justin volunteers at). And when I say dedicated, I mean money from the Kickstarter project will help fund the donation. A lot of those funds are coming out of his own pocket. If you’re not getting it yet, Justin is incredibly talented, but also a genuinely great human being.

Check out the video where Justin talks about his latest project:

Justin has a fantastic record with Kickstarter projects, which is a testament to the quality of product he produces and the satisfaction donors gain from his work. To read more about this project, or better yet help fund it, please visit the Kickstarter page –

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