Joshua Budich Honors Stan Lee



Excelsior! One of our favorite artists pays homage to one of the greatest comic book creators/editors/promoters of all time. I remember in my youth reading comic books and getting to the end to see a letter or note from Stan Lee himself. Or even seeing him on television promoting the latest and greatest comic book story line. Even during the 80s he appeared old to me, but his enthusiasm was infectious. At the time I had no clue he was responsible for so many of the characters I loved. Now, 30 years later, I take extreme joy spotting Stan making his cameos in the latest Marvel movies.

Take a look at Joshua Budich‘s latest creation:


Here’s what Joshua had to say about an entertainment icon –

In my home, Stan “The Man” Lee has reached mythical status. Through his tireless and exuberant promotion, I can share my childhood love of comics with my son, and most importantly, not feel the least bit ashamed of doing so. My boy screams with delight with each of the famous Stan-Cameos, and relishes playing him as “Stan-Hulk”. This piece is my very humble homage to a most deserving, and utterly legendary man.

This print drop will be a “Public Private Commission”, opening this Friday, March 13, and closing Sunday, March 15. TRUE BELIEVERS!, can grab a copy of your very own at,

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