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Kick-Ass 3 #1
Writer: Millar, Mark
Artist: Romita, John
Cover Artist: Romita, John
On Sale Date: May 22, 2013
Publisher: Marvel Comics

It’s the start of the last hurrah as this is the final run on Kick-Ass as Mark Miller and John Romita ultimately changed the landscape on the dynamics of the superheroes genre. That’s right, I said it! Let face it, we had the same old cliché of good versus evil, with great power and all that stuff, but from the first pages of Kick-Ass issue 1, through Kick-Ass the movie, to even Hit-Girl’s own comic dedicated to her up comings as a young female superhero, one things clear, IT KICKED ASS!
Issue one in this saga is no different as we’re brought to the aftermath of what Hit-Girl has done as she’s in federal prison. With every long arm of the law banging on Kick-Ass and companies door you get a sense of chaos or more so than usual as Mark Millar elaborates the story of how David Lizewski is coping with the incarceration of his right hand gal. Though Mindy (Hit-Girl) planned for every scenario that could happen in their vigilante crusade and lists every step to help her out of captivity, not everything comes together as planned.
John Romita does a terrific job as he orchestrates the style that we have grown to love in the Kick-Ass franchise as he continues to produce a gritty aspect to every character throughout the issue. With each panel he does, we see how Romita’s vision of how Kick-Ass moves past the fact that neither he or the rest of the group can man up with breaking Hit-Girl out of prison but instead focuses on himself as he continues on with his ordinary life outside of his Kick-Ass persona.
Not everything goes well as the progression of the book shows life after Hit-Girl, as you get both a comedic side and of course the violent side of the spectrum. Not only do we see a damaged Kick-Ass but a lighter side as well. Fans of the series will no doubt enjoy this 1st issue and will continue to finish out the saga. Also noted is that with each variant cover purchased when connected together brings a message that many collectors will want to gather much like the Dragon Balls.
I recommend this issue as it is just one of the great issues that is starting off the finale of this franchise that is beloved by many.
I’m giving Kick-Ass 3, issue 1; a 3.5 out of 5 Nerdskulls!



Detective Comics #21
Writer: Layman, John
Artist: Clarke, Andy
Cover Artist: Fabok, Jason
On Sale Date: June 4, 2013
Publisher: DC Comics

John Layman started Detective Comics 21 off with an interesting flashback. You realize that this is somewhat of a continuation of Detective Comics zero issue with Bruce’s love interest hiding in the shadows as she makes Bruce believe the worst. Not difficult since Bruce is still filled with emotions after the death of his son, Damian.
Scott Eaton artwork complements what Layman pens in this issue, because we are brought back to the present as we see Batman doing what he does best. The focal point is moved toward a new villain who is attempting to make a name for herself. What’s more surprising to see is that another character more known in her appearances in the Batman issues appears in this.
Harper’s transition to Detective Comics is an interesting scenario because you see a dynamic that was gone after Damian’s death, but it’s a presence that not even Batman is used to. I like this issue, because it’s very different from the previous Emperor Penguin story. The aspect that we see Batman focus on Harpers well being, plus the fact that Harper has been brought into the mix is great to see as you still don’t know what she can bring to the Detective Comics table.
It’s a good introduction for a previous character that fans of the Batman series can enjoy as well as a new story that can really be promising.
(On a side note: The separate Man-Bat story towards the end of the issue was a really neat way of explaining the where a bout’s of Kirk Langstrom since his appearance in the title 2 months ago, and his findings of what the Man-Bat serum is even more interesting as it looks like another story will come of this. Andy Clarke’s art work is terrific and the story is just an added bonus!)
I’m giving Detective Comics a 3 out of 5 Nerdskulls.



Spawn #232
Writer: McFarlane, Todd
Artist: Kudranski, Szymon
Cover Artist: McFarlane, Todd
On Sale Date: June 5, 2013
Publisher: Image Comics

I found it interesting as I went through the pages of Spawn #232. You see a scenario that you normally don’t see. Neither Clown nor the person hosting the Spawn symbiote are in control. And that’s the thing that I liked about how McFarlane wrote this, we see one or the other, not both feature characters in one of the longest running Image Comics to date.
Yes, we see Clown and his usual antics that we’re used to when he doesn’t have a grip on what going on. But to see Jim Downing not have control is weird, and that’s saying a lot when you read Spawn comics. I know he’s still comprehending K7 (Other reference to Spawn) inner workings, but the way Kudranski illustrations showed off the flashbacks in this issue was really nice.
You see that classic artwork that Spawn fans have come to love, just a mysterious figure wreaking havoc; and that’s what was memorable for me! Page after page of just raw action, exactly what made me a fan of Spawn in the nineties. Kudranski really did an awesome job on this.
And unlike the previous issue that turned me off with all the text bubbles that cluttered the art work, this issue did the opposite. It focused on the artwork. Fans of Spawn will enjoy this due to the way this comic was done. It was a nice throwback to the way I remembered Spawn. Good artwork, good writing and a great over all vibe.
I’m giving Spawn, issue 232, a 3 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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