“The Tower of Babel” by Mark Waid, JLA 43-46

Jason’s Vault – “The Tower of Babel”

While Jason’s Corner feeds my narcissistic desire to express my opinions on more recent books, Jason’s Vault is aimed at featuring comics that would definitely be amongst the back issues and, dare I admit, might even have been published before some readers were born!

The first entry is inspired by the return of my favorite superhero – Batman.  If you are enjoying Batman Incorporated, then check out the series “The Tower of Babel” by Mark Waid originally appearing in JLA 43-46. This storyline brilliantly captures Batman’s ability to plan for every possible eventuality, which includes the necessity to defeat every other member of the Justice League.   The problem is that Ra’s Al Ghul steals these files and successfully employs them against the Justice League.

"The Tower of Babel" by Mark Waid, JLA 43-46

The best part of this story, aside from again witnessing the intellectual superiority of the physically “weakest” member of the Justice League, we are also shown Batman’s greatest weakness – his obsession with the death of his parents.  It is this obsession that Ra’s uses to immobilize Batman along with the rest of the JLA when he steals the Wayne corpses.  Ironically, Batman’s weakness is also his greatest strength.  After all, without his obsessive guilt, Batman wouldn’t even exist.  When given the opportunity to use the Lazarus pits to raise his parents from the dead, Batman refuses, choosing instead to be worthy of his parents’ memory.

If one can ignore the overuse of nanites and the ridiculous mechanisms of Ra’s Al Ghul’s ability to scramble human language, this series is a fun ride that introduces a conflict of mistrust that continues in Identity Crisis, The OMAC Project, and even The Return of Bruce Wayne.  Check it out!


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