Jason’s Corner – Wolverine’s Revenge

I love the retro Mystique uniform.

So you probably haven’t noticed, but I haven’t posted anything to my little corner of Nerdlocker in over a month.  So, over Memorial weekend I’ve been on a nerdy binge and have vomited up three articles.

After spending a small fortune at the comic book store catching up on all I’ve been missing, I decided to review just the most recent.  After all, the rest of the gang has done an excellent job reviewing in the video editions of Comic Reviews.  I know that’s how I decided which books to buy – although they were out of Venom.

Wolverine #9­ File this cover under “misleading but not disappointing” because the pages within do not follow the implied backstabbing seduction of the cover.  Instead, we are treated to a Wolverine who is brutally hunting down our dear Raven for sending him to hell.  While she is trying to let him in on the secret of the Red Left Hand, he’s not wearing his listening ears and butchers her worse than X-men First Class is going to.

As if having a raging, vengeful mutant trying to exact mortal revenge isn’t enough, Mystique has to deal with another assassin sent by the Red Left Hand to spill her blood before she spills the beans.  We’re supposed to be all intrigued by the Red Left Hand, but I found myself not really caring much if the hand was left, right, red, black, or even a foot.

What was intriguing was their silent assassin with a kabuki mask.  While his costume is almost as uninteresting as his dialogue, he does have some pretty cool gadgets.  He has boots that he can turn on so that he can scale walls, a watch that allows him to phase through a street, and a smartphone that can make the bullet he just shot you with explode, “return,” release acid, or act as a homing beacon.  Apparently that slightly effeminate kabuki mask is bulletproof too.

The jury is out on this character.  I can’t decide if he’s an intriguing character or if he’s just a ripoff.  What about his name, Lord Deathstrike?  Is he the bastard son of Lady Deathstrike?  Or is it a rip off of Deathstroke?  Finally, I am willing to believe in mutants that have healing factors and make-believe-metal skeletons, but I still can’t buy that Lord Deathstrike can shoot a gun into the ground in Argentina and kill a man in China.  I’ve seen a lot of CSI episodes, and I’m pretty sure that’s not possible.

Aside from Mystique getting massacred by Wolverine and Lord Ripoff-lame-mask, this issue leaves a bit to be desired. Three skulls.

Oooh! Internal conflict!

Uncanny X-Force #10

If you haven’t picked this book up yet, then shame on you.  It has excellent writing, interesting characters, engaging plotlines, and moody artwork.  This is a good jumping on point since it’s the start of a new storyline that’s only been a subplot in previous issues.  Plus it has a bonus comic Iron Man 2.0 #3, which isn’t half bad either.  Issue ten includes a battle between Archangel and Wolverine and a guest appearance by Dark Beast.  In the end of this prelude to The Dark Angel Saga we find that X-Force is off to the Age of Apocalypse – one of my favorite X-book storylines.  I’m so excited for this “saga” that I might just include X-Factor 24 in Jason’s Vault. Five skulls as usual.

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