Jason’s Bracket – March Nerdness


Ok, so I just filled out a March Madness bracket.  Yeah, I have four number 1 teams in the final four with Kansas winning it all, so that shows you just how much I really know about college basketball.

So it got me thinking, nerds would love to have a bracket all our own – a superhero comic book bracket.  My first difficulty was figuring out who deserved to go to the big dance.  No matter what, I know that someone is going to get left off the list who should be on there.  To make things simple, I’m just doing DC and Marvel heroes and villains (with the exception of Spawn and Rorschach who played their way in by defeating The Spirit and Hellboy).  Plus, I’m sticking to the mainstream, which means the character had to also be featured in a cartoon or film.  Finally, I’ve stuck to just two from each “family” (i.e. the Batman family or the Fantastic Four family).  Oh, and I found I was biased towards the ladies at times (i.e. Starfire over Beast Boy).

Yes, yes.  This means there are so MANY heroes and villains left off this list who deserve to be on it.  But I have to make it simple.

So far I’ve only included each region. Fill it out, picking your favorites to make the final four. I’ll reveal my final four next week, with the winner to follow.

Go ahead and download it to fill it out. You know you want to. And If you feel so inclined, mail it to info@nerdlocker. Maybe we’ll send grab bag stuff to some creative brackets.  Oh and if you feel that we’ve left out some heavy contenders, let us know. To be honest, my Colorado is V (Vertigo Comics).

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I've been a comic nerd since Spider-man and his Amazing Friends and the Super Friends. So someone please explain to me, when did Aquaman become so cool? Also, why isn't She-Hulk in more media?


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