Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con – Day 1



If I told you I wasn’t ecstatic I would be lying. Today for many Las Vegans was the day to let their inner nerd out and celebrate that the 1st annual Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con has finally arrived. From the moment Jimmy Jay and the promoters of Amazing Arizona Comic-Con’s announced several months ago that Las Vegas was going to have a Comic-Con, the buzz around town generated such anticipation that once the day arrived, we came out in droves.

Thousands of people lined up and gathered upon the South Point Hotel and Casino on  Las Vegas Blvd. From the moment I stepped foot on the casino grounds, the feeling in the air was only compared to the San Diego Comic-Con. It was such a terrific feeling! It’s hard to explain for non convention goers, but if I were to summarize it best, it would be as if the part of your cerebral cortex that releases the endorphins of happiness, pleasure, and excitement multiplied by a million and enhanced by the cosmic cube from The Avengers back into every fiber in your body!


With my first step onto the convention floor I can’t help but realize that this was a lot bigger than I expected! I should have known better, with many iconic artist and writers expected to be at the three day event (June 14-16) it dawned on me that I had a lot of ground to cover! As I walked aisle after aisle, you have vendors from the likes of Alternate Reality Comics, Comic Oasis, and Torpedo Comics that had a bountiful amount of gorgeous items that collectors would flock to. Rare and sought after novelties from comic books, toys, and statues lined the tables. Even the Ninjabot was on hand showing off their new art prints and novelties they created as their fans bombarded their booth!


Over at the Maximum Comics booth, owner Jay Bosworth had an extravaganza going on with acrobatic performers Duo Rōnin wowing the crowd as they defied what the human body can do. Cos-Play Stars Nina Mercedes and Tera Patrick dressed up as Power Girl and Sailor Moon as they signed autographs for their fans, while kids and adults alike were battling for superhero supremacy in a Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament. As always, the Maximum staff was handing out free swag and candy to get the attendees sugared up and energized for the afternoon’s festivities.

Though attendees swarmed the vendor’s tables to pick up epic items, another group of attendees gathered for reasons only a comic book collector would understand. The Meeting of the illustrators and writers of their favorite comics. From artist Greg Capullo, to Spiderman’s Humberto Ramos and Ryan Stegman; Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan, to legendary Batman artist Neal Adams. A who’s who in comic book royalty surrounded artist alley signing a plethora of comic books, graphic novels and even action figures based on the artwork of their famous super hero counterparts.


Speaking of super heroes, let’s not forget the many cos-players who dressed up as their favorite characters! Aside from the artists and writers of today’s hottest comics, it’s come to a point that the costume players may be the real stars of the conventions that are held all over the country. The ingenuity and dedication that these mild mannered fan boys and girls do to dress up as their respected figures of comic book, film, television, anime, and video game characters are what bring comic conventions to life! From Nerdlocker’s very own Hayley Etter dressed as DC Comic heroine Black Canary, to the person who not only dressed up as Marvel Comics Iron Man but also proceeded to attempt to iron out the wrinkles in my worn out jeans. So many people came out representing the characters they adore! Even famous cos-player, Jessica Nigri came out to show off her Assassins Creed costume while she took pictures with fans that patiently waited to get a close up of the fatale beauty!

Conventions like the Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con is the platform of the entertainment industry, the diehard fans who flocked to see what’s creators have to offer, while the publishers, writers, and artists showcase their hard work. It’s no wonder this is a multi-million dollar industry! The cities that harbor the conventions wreak the benefits of the tourism, while the consumers bathe in the products they come to collect. It’s why people like me come to conventions like the Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con!

Check out the sights!

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