Comics In Review: Ghostbusters #15 & X-Files #11


3790803-15Ghostbusters #15
Story By: Erik Burnham
Art By: Dan Schoening
Publisher: IDW

In this weeks review, we look into the next installment of the Mass Hysteria: 30th Anniversary of IDW’s Ghostbusters series.  After a rough break-up with Janine (Ghostbusters secretary), Louis Tully (Accountant/Lawyer) ends up leaving New York City to mend a broken heart and start fresh in Ocala.  Over some time, Louis makes his way back to New York City to meet up with his cousin in the unsettling state of sleep deprivation.

Next, Dana Barrett is still entrapped in Tiamet’s grasp, and the story picks up from the last comic (#14) of the series.  Tiamet and Gozer are sibling Sumerian gods and have similar characteristics that were depicted in the first Ghostbusters film. Tiamet will not allow Dana to leave the close confines of her supernatural enclosed home after several failed attempts at breaking through the ghostly brick wall enclosure. Tiamet has larger plans in order and is in need of Dana’s services to conquer what her brother had started.  As the comic progresses, we find out that Ed and Kylie (Bookstore employees) have had visions of the Sumerian Gods and had connected the dots to Dana and her possession.  The comic really stays true to the first movie and “The Real Ghostbusters” cartoon, in the fact that Dana was possessed by ZUUL who brought Gozer to earth and now Tiamet wants to terrorize her as well.  Without a “gatekeeper” or “key master,” the Sumerian gods are rendered powerless and do not have a definite process of conquering Earth.

As the “Ray’s Occult Bookstore” employees are piecing together this bizarre anomaly, they realize they are in need of the professionals, The Ghostbusters.  Blood rain is trickling all over New York City and is putting all citizens in a state of panic.  Louis is closely analyzing these crimson colored raindrops and knows there is a larger paranormal issue at play here instead of what the news is calling “acidic blood borne weather.”

We pickup at the Ghostbusters headquarters where one of the most hated characters of the series (Walter Peck) is harassing Dr. Peter Venkman about this mass hysteria.  Even in the comic, Dr. Venkman is always one step ahead with his sharp-tongued defense mechanisms and brushes off Walter Peck’s condescending undertones. Venkman get’s a disturbing call and leaves the office abruptly to tend to the phone request, and is followed by his Ghostbuster superiors shortly after.   Louis and Dana are waiting for the Ghostbusters and once again, they are possessed by the demonic entities.  Will the Ghostbusters see passed their tricks and take down another world dominating spirit?  We will have to wait and find out……

Erik Burnham conquers another well-crafted depiction of the Ghostbusters franchise with great character and plot development.  The comic was not overbearing and laid everything out smoothly with backstories from the cartoon/movie and kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire twenty-seven pages.  As a huge fan of the Ghostbusters, I am very excited to see where this series ends up and what other ghouls will come across the “capture stream” in the upcoming series.  The illustration was phenomenal as well from the aesthetic mind of Dan Shoening, which really blended the colors and drawings perfectly to enhance the reader’s experience.

I am giving Ghostbusters #15 4.5 out of 5 Nerd Skulls.


STK635255X-Files #11
Story By: Joe Harris
Art By: Mathew Dow Smith
Publisher: IDW

Fox Mulder and Dana Sculley return in the eleventh edition of X-Files: Season 10, as they are called into the sandy deserts of Saudi Arabia to investigate a terrorist attack against American contractors.  Mulder was skeptical to being brought into this case in the first place and Scully had to remind him that conspiracy cases aren’t as plentiful as they used to be.

As soon as Mulder and Scully are brought into the Oil fields to analyze surveillance footage from the attack, they soon realize that the footage was tampered and spliced together.  Each time the Saudi Arabian soldiers are questioned about the incident, they threaten to take Mulder and Scully back to basecamp.  As the soldiers lead them back to the helicopter, there were two American FBI Agents present with black, ghost-like eyes staring ahead. At first, Mulder shook it off and complied with the Saudi Arabian military, meanwhile, Scully was looking deeper in between the cracks, as she always does, and communicates her analysis to Mulder.

At times, this comic made me feel like Joe Harris was incorporating his love for foreign affairs, mystery, and the sci-fi genre all wrapped into one, as it’s not just any normal story of conspiracy, but a desert conundrum.  As the Saudi Arabian military are very restricted and cautious to what they relay to Mulder and Scully, they begin to resist and look around for clues in their meticulous and immaculate manner.

Joe Harris does what he does best in this comic, gives the reader a little taste of what will come in the remaining issues while punching you in the stomach and not letting you get back up.  I sat at my table in deep thought and my glass was clenched intently with my kung fu grip.  What will happen next? What did Scully find out at the hospital?  Will Mulder escape the terrorist attack at the basecamp?

This wasn’t just a normal X-Files comic that met some extra terrestrial or a creature locked up in a cellar for 30 years; this was a whole new platform for the team, and the stakes were much higher.  The artwork really helped develop the tone of the overall story by the use of dark colors to keep the reader intrigued and not drawn away from the story line.  This created a visual in their mind as to what is hiding in the dark background and to watch their back.  Also, the use of less stenciled detail and NOT playing safe with unneeded extra detail made this comic stand out compared to other X-Files comic series I have read.  The team of Joe Harris and Mathew Dow Smith really hit this comic dead on and introduced a new genre into the X-Files spectrum.  I would recommend this comic to any fans out there like me, and am waiting patiently for the next installment of this series.

I am giving X-Files #11 4.5 out of 5 Nerd Skulls.

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