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Action Comics #5
by BobbyD

I have loved every issue of Action Comics in the new 52. I like how fresh it feels; all new and shiny like. Reading about a character you know EVERYTHING about for years and then having that ripped away from you for a new storyline from the very beginning is very scary. It made me nervous to think about what they may do to Superman and his history. Thankfully, I have been nothing but delighted thus far and issue #5 of the series gives us the new new origin of the Man of Steel. What I liked about it most was its heavy emphasis on Johnathan and Martha Kent before they got the boy in red and blue. The years they spent working to have a child of their very own and the frustrations that come with that sort of trial. It really makes you appreciate the ones that raised Superman that much more. You can see where his core values come from. Not to mention some very interesting additions to the origin regarding Krypto, Zod, and many others. This book is chalk-full of hints to the history we know and love, and for that I give it 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

Kick-Ass 2 #6
by BobbyD

Every time I start to hate this book, it comes out and punches me in the face again. Each issue gets more and more shocking without fail. Number six in the series brings Hit-Girl back into the fight, with a serious vengeance. Little Mindy Macready has seen the death trail left by the villainous Mother-Fucker formerly known as The Red Mist and is ready to end it all here and now. Regardless if Kick-Ass is man enough to help at all. She doesn’t get all dressed up but she can still cut off scalps without her mask and wig. When a comic has scalping, you know I’m going to be excited, but little girls doing the scalping, and while running on top of moving vehicles? I never knew I could be so happy. So obviously there’s no shortage of violence and gore in this edition of the comic, but even more exciting is the fact that the good guys finally fight back. It’s been a few issues of non-stop villainy and it was quite refreshing to see Hit-Girl fighting back. Over all, this issue is definitely worth your time and money. Especially since it’s holding it down at $2.99. I give this book 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

Li’l Depressed Boy #8
by Jaz

Yet another fantastic issue of LDB. There are so many great qualities to this comic. It doesn’t just appeal to emo kids everywhere. There is a lot of underlying humor. It’s the kind of humor that I hold closest to my heart because it’s the kind of humor my friends have with one another. That reason alone will make me keep coming back to this comic again and again. In this issue we find LDB and his best friend Drew returning from their perilous journey to OKC. LDB finally deals with his lost love Jazmin and we also get a few hints for my favorite sad sack’s future, since he’s now broke. Job time perhaps? That’s what LDB artist Sina Grace told me in a recent interview. Be sure to check it out. Since I’ve nothing but fangirl love for this comic, I give it 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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