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Strange Talent Of Luther Strode #5
by Bobby D.

Luther Strode has quickly become a personal hero of mine. Not because he strives to take down that common enemy while looking like a horror-inspired valley kid (he has beautiful golden locks), but because he does such astounding ass-kickery without any self restraint. He is unable to stop himself from ripping off a person’s arm and shoving it down their throat. That’s an anger issue I can relate too. Issue #5 really has me awe-struck and flabbergasted. The conflict at hand has boiled over and launches young Luther into fights with two different villains simultaneously. We have the on-going issue with some low-end thugs that want revenge on Luther for making fools of them. This is an issue Strode handles without much effort. He practices that move with the arm down the throat pretty well. Unfortunately, the oddly creepy librarian will not be so easy to handle. He has offered his training abilities to Luther recently only to be declined, but he doesn’t seem to be taking no for an answer. He is willing to hurt everyone around Strode to get him to accept his offer and he goes pretty far to get his point across in this issue, but you’ll have to read it to find out exactly how far. For a comic that is covered in blood and awesome scenes of torture, I’m gonna’ give this book 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

Invincible #88
by Bobby D.

The last few months of Invincible have had me grasping for more. More violence, more gore, and more…war. After the end of the Viltrumite War, Mark came home to a lot of surprises but the book turned into a soap opera for me. Eve is depressed, Invincible is doubting himself, the Guardians of the Globe have their own book now, and most of the Grayson clan was off the planet. So it was easy to see the downward spiral, but I tried to keep hope.

The release of the two-part series drawn by co-creator Cory Walker that takes place within the Coalition Of Planets where Allen the Alien is leader, definitely spiced things up a bit. It introduces the inner conflict Allen has as the new leader and from knowing there is a race of murderous Viltrumites hiding within the ranks of the human race on Earth. The only option he sees to save the universe is to release a virus that’s been known to kill the Viltrum race. Unfortunately, because Earthlings are so similar in DNA make-up, the virus will more than likely kill everyone on the planet.

When Invincible finds out about this plan, he vows to die before letting the virus into the atmosphere. When Allen threatens that he will do whatever is necessary to rid the universe of the Viltrum race, the leader of the Viltrumites shows his face and clarifies what he will do if said virus is released. On top of all that, we are reminded by the writer, Robert Kirkman, that no one is safe.

Issue #88 really brings this title to a new high for me and I cannot recommend it enough. Do some back-reading on the character and dive into this incredible book. I’m gonna give it 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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