Captain America: A Little Old & A Little New

A free screening of the old Captain America with the opportunity to see the new one for free, as well.


We are beginning our descent into FINAL Comic Movie territory. Meaning, we will be watching the last new comic movie of the year next month with the premier of Captain America: The First Avenger on July 22nd. The movie looks to be incredible but has a big fan base to answer to. Not only does Joe Johnston have to satisfy the comic fans, but don’t forget the original movie and it’s fans, as well.

In 1990, Albert Pyun made a version of Captain America that could be considered a little campy but definitely something vital for its time. The movie went straight to VHS and never premiered in theaters. Now is your chance to see it. On July 2nd, Maximum Comics and Rave theaters will be hosting a FREE screening of the 90’s flick for the monthly MaximuM Movie event. Hosted by none other than Jay at MaximuM Comics and myself. The director, Albert Pyun, will even be making an appearance to do a short Q & A before the screening.

But Wait, dear reader, for that is not the best part. If you print out the above ticket and bring it to the theater(Rave Motion Pictures in Town Square. Las Vegas, NV) you will get to see the movie for free. But if you also buy any concession(Popcorn, soda, candy) you will get another ticket to see the NEW Captain America: The First Avenger movie on its opening night(July 21st at midnight) at the same theater. MaximuM Comics is actually getting its own theater at Rave to accommodate the fans taking advantage of this deal.

You must print out this ticket to see the movie. They will start letting in the horde of nerds at 11pm on July 2nd for the Q & A session with the director. The movie starts at midnight but get there early to get your seat because this will be a big one, folks. So come down to Rave Theaters on July 2nd to support our local comic shop and hang out with the Nerdlocker Crew. [Source: MaximuM Comics]

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