Anne Hathaway Will Play Selina Kyle and Tom Hardy Will Be Bane in Dark Knight Rises


We weren’t going to post anything about it because we think it’s a horrible choice (and sounds too much like a rumor) but Anne Hathaway is going to be Selina Kyle in the Dark Knight Rises and Tom Hardy will be playing Bane. There…we posted about it. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!

No, but seriously, the casting choice for Kyle isn’t that perplexing. Nolan has a knack for choosing horrible female leads in all of his movies and as much of a genius as he is, for some reason he always chooses the worst actresses in Hollywood to play his female leads, i.e. Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

I think everyone was completely and utterly excited to see Hugo Strange play mind games on the Batman, but after the Arkham City trailer was unveiled, the reality of seeing Hugo on the big screen diminished. But, now we find out that Hardy will be playing Bane?! Really?! Hardy was meant to play a villian that utilizes his mind flex, not his physical flex. Hardy is too good of an actor to be wasted on Bane. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Nolan will pleasantly surprise us with this movie (like he always does) but for the moment we’re letting out a collective, “SIGH!”

I guess anything will look better than this though:

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  1. The Bane I remember from Knightfall was pretty smart. I mean he did break the bat afterall, so hopefully they’ll go along those lines and stay as far away from Joel Schumacher’s vision as possible.

  2. well they could make him like a crack head for venom… that could be interesting…. they could also have him be a smart guy who gets venom and becomes the whole evil package…

    and i like anne hathaway….

  3. Anne Hathaway is a great actress and has proven that in movies that no one bothers to watch like Havoc and Rachel Getting Married, which I believe she got nominations from the Golden Globes and Oscars. She can totally play Selina Kyle. Now I do have my doubts about her physically being able to pull off Catwoman. But in terms of her acting abiolity I think she’s got it. Maggie G. wasn’t terrible either. She just looks like a frog. I think the Batman movies from the 90’s killed Bane for us. So if this does end up happening, maybe we’ll get to see a new side of the super buff villain.

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