Jason’s Corner – What To Do About the New DC 52

This sounds bad, but hopefully Wonder Woman is not wearing pants.

Overwhelmed with all the titles that DC is relaunching?  Below I’ve categorized my own reactions to these new titles.  So feel free to read them to help you decide which ones you might want to take a chance on.  Then enter some your own comments about your excitement, disappointment, or whatever.

First, here’s some quick hits:

Coolest new look – Superboy.  I like the Tron look.

Hottest new look – Wonder Woman.  Ok, for all my talk that will follow about sexually exploiting women by reducing them to T&A, I am still a heterosexual man. Wonder Womn looks hot again (This is based off the version without pants in the promotional comic).

Worst new look – Captain Atom looks like a blue Firestorm and Hawkman looks like one of those bulky Total Justice action figures, but Mr. Terrific takes the prize.  He looks like an Under Armor ad.

Strangest new look – Superman.  Jeans and a t-shirt?  Is it casual Friday?

Should have had a new look – Blue Beetle.  I’m just not a fan of the latest costume.

Coolest new titleDC Universe Presents.  I’m a sucker for the character development it promises and it won’t have the trappings of endless continuity.

Why does he have a title?O.M.A.C.

What is with the resurrection of 90s? First Jim Lee and now Rob Liefeld and Scott Lobdell. Is Todd McFarlane next?

Greatly Anticipating

All the Batman titles – To anyone who knows me it is no surprise that I list this first.  Batman, Detective Comics, Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman and Robin, all of these titles I await with great anticipation.  Bruce Wayne is finally the one and only Batman once again.  Although I enjoyed Dick Grayson as a substitute teacher, nothing replaces the original.  I cannot tell which title I anticipate most.  Batman will apparently delve into a cult conspiracy. Detective Comics presents a new serial killer – the Gotham Ripper. Batman crusades into Arkham Asylum in Batman: The Dark Knight.  The key word in Batman and Robin is the word “and” as Bruce must adjust to working with his estranged son as his new sidekick.  

Perhaps what I like best about the Batman titles is that little has changed for the Bat-family in the DCU and those few changes that have been made are attempts to make things right.  Dick Grayson is once again Nightwing.  He has a much cooler costume, and thankfully the mullet is not back.  Barbara Gordon is once again Batgirl – more on that later.

Wonder Woman – She’s back in her star-spangled underwear but looks quite more warrior-like in a corset that’s more armor than lingerie.  She’s also wielding a sword instead of a lasso.  I’ve always liked Wonder Woman when she’s been a member of the Justice League, but I’ve never found her compelling enough to follow indepentantly.  Perhaps Brian Azzerello will bring some development to her character.  In other words, I hope he can do what many before have not, portray Wonder Woman as a strong female character that is neither overly busty nor frigidly unrelatable.

Justice League – Who isn’t excited for anything Justice League?  The best news is that Geoff Johns is writing; the bad is that Jim Lee is penciling.  Want to see what I mean by an “overly busty” Wonder Woman? Check out Lee’s version of the Amazon Warrior and tell me he isn’t “reading” Victoria Secret on a daily basis.  Hey, Jim, women can be sexy without showing us everything but their nipples.  Oh, and no one’s legs are as long as that, not even Barbie’s.

Green Lantern – Phew! I did not endure War of the Green Lanterns for naught.  Phew! Geoff Johns is writing.  Sinestro is a Green Lantern again and apparently Hal Jordan is not.  I’m in.


Batgirl – I have had a crush on Barbara Gordon since when she traded those librarian glasses for the Batcycle in reruns of the campy TV show (I emphasize reruns.  I’m not that old).  But I’m intrigued on how Barbara regains the cape and cowl.  I’m also a little sad to see she is no longer Oracle.  It was unique and progressive to have a superheroine in a wheelchair.  And Barbara was anything but handicapped by it.

The Super-family titles – Perhaps what intrigues me most about the Superman titles is that so much seems to have changed. I am not sure what to make of Superman’s costume in Action Comics. The short cape rings of All Star Superman.  Let us hope that Geoff Johns does just as superbly in the storytelling as he has in the past.  The same can be said of Superman’s costume in Superman.  I have read that when creating it, Superman based it on a Kryptonian soldier’s uniform.  Will this mean a tougher, gruffer Superman?  Could this be a way to bring the character more in line with Zach Snyder’s film interpretation of Superman? As much as I prefer Batman to Superman, I certainly do not want to see Superman become grim. Perhaps Action Comics presents us with the more light-hearted version of the Man of Steel.  Their new costumes rock too.

While intrigued by Superman, I am excited about the new take on Supergirl and Superboy.  I love the idea of a Supergirl who’s not too fond of her Earthling hosts.  It makes sense to have a Super-character who is self-absorbed and has a superiority complex.  It makes perfect sense that this character is a teenager.  With Supergirl and a Superboy as a cloned super weapon who hasn’t yet developed a conscious, we’re provided with two alternate forms of what Superman could be like instead of two versions of who Superman already is.

Batwoman – The art alone is beautiful enough to warrant picking up this comic. Combine this with what the writer, J.H. Williams III says about the story being first part horror and second part espionage and this title has my attention.

Suicide Squad – While risking hypocrisy by praising a book with art that rivals Lee’s in near-nipple reveals, I just like the idea of a group of super villains recruited to go on insane missions.  That two of them are Harley Quinn and Deadshot means this isn’t just a bunch of reject villains.

Batwing  – I know what you’re going to say.  Another Bat-book?  Big surprise.  Well, the reason this is in “Intriguing” and not “Eh” is because it’s set in Africa.  This could be either a book that deals masterfully with an area torn with conflict, or it could be a sad disappointment because it doesn’t root itself enough in its setting.  Historically, comics have struggled to play black superheroes.  Will this book be different?

Eh…convince me first

Green Arrow – One of the best Green Arrow storylines is when Kevin Smith has Green Arrow deal with crossing the line and killing someone.  So now you’re telling me that Green Arrow “brings outlaws to justice…by breaking every law” that he is “shooting first and asking questions later”?  No thanks.

Justice League International – This was almost intriguing because I never read the JLI back when it was in its heyday.  The characters are certainly intriguing.  But ultimately, I’ll wait until proof that the writing is good enough to make this more than just a B-list Justice League.

Justice League Dark – See above but substitute “B-list” for “gothic.”

Flash – The promo reads “If you don’t know who Barry Allen is, and who the Flash is, then this is the perfect comic for you.”  But what about those who do know?

Catwoman – This promo reads “She’s good at being bad, and bad at being good.”  Apparently so is the writer of this promo. “Find out more about what makes Catwoman tick.”  Is she going to tell me what she’s looking for in a guy? What is she, a Playboy centerfold?  According to the cover art, basically yes.  I suppose most of the audience who buys Catwoman really does imagine they might actually get to sleep with her, so it’ll be successful. But what is going to make this series different than when she donned the now-ridiculous purple costume?  More cleavage?  I’ll wait until someone tells me there’s more to it than that.  Until then, I’m happy seeing her in the Batman books no matter the amount of cleavage.

Aquaman – I’ve always felt bad for Aquaman.  He has it tough. But pity is no reason to give away money unless you think it will help someone.

The other Lantern titles – I’m just not convinced, especially after War of the Green Lanterns, that any of the other Lanterns are worth following. Perhaps, New Guardians will be interesting because they use all those pretty colors.  Red Lanterns reminds me of when Venom got his own series.  I don’t want to remember that, thank you.

Just try to convince me.  I dare you.

Red Hood and the Outlaws – Why is Jason Todd still alive?  I thought if Flashpoint was going to fix anything it would fix that.

Frankenstein: Agent of Shade – First of all, Frankenstein is the mad scientist not the creature.  Second of all, Bride of Frankenstein did not have four arms.  Third – Oh why am I even bothering?

I, Vampire – “I really wanted to push the limits of what it means to be a vampire.”  Really?  Between the glittery vampires of Twilight and the porn star vampires of True Blood where do the limits go?

Voodoo – “Who is Voodoo?”  I don’t know, but she looks like a cross between Elektra and Witchblade so I really don’t care.

You tell me, because I literally have no idea.

Animal ManThis looks like it could be great, but I never read Animal Man back when it was critically acclaimed so I don’t know the pre-existing standard.

Swamp Thing – Has Swamp Thing been any good since Neil Gaimen?  I’m not trying to be a jerk.  I honestly don’t know.

Resurrection Man  – I like the idea of a guy getting different powers every time he comes back from the dead.  But does that mean he continually gets his ass handed to him on a regular basis?  Because that would get old. 

The Savage HawkmanWhy does he need to be savage? Is he the closest thing DC has to Wolverine or something?

Grifter – Since when is he in the DCU?  Is it still 1995?

Static Shock – I’m sorry but I wasn’t ten-years-old when this TV show came out.

Alright, so that’s my very lengthy opinion.  Any other of the other 52 titles I just couldn’t think of anything witty to say anything about. 

What are your thoughts?  Write it in the comments below.


I've been a comic nerd since Spider-man and his Amazing Friends and the Super Friends. So someone please explain to me, when did Aquaman become so cool? Also, why isn't She-Hulk in more media?

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