My Little Pony Micro Fun Pack Review


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Every pony, gather ‘round! There’s something new in stores just for you! This month marks the official release of the new My Little Pony comic experience, Micro Fun Packs.
Each pack contains one 22-page comic featuring Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle or Apple Jack. Additionally, each pack contains a sticker, a micro poster, and a tattoo.

While this new format of comic book collectibles is exciting and enjoyable, there are two sides to be weighed out. Please allow me to break down the pros and cons of these Fun Packs for you. I’ll save the best for last, so I’ll break the bad news to you first.

The Cons

– Unfortunately the reading material isn’t new. These books come straight from the pre-existing micro series, so if you’ve already read them, it might not be worth your hard-earned money for a tattoo, sticker and poster.

– The front of the pack claims that there is a sticker sheet, which led me to believe that there would be a full sheet of stickers. I was disappointed to find out it’s just one big sticker not unlike one you might get out of a sticker vending machine.

– While the packaging claims that the posters come in 16 different types and the same goes for the stickers and tattoos, every poster and sticker I received was of one of the comic covers, and every tattoo was a cutie mark. This leads me to believe that the other images are rarer to find, and therefore harder to collect. If you’re like me, you’ll want the whole set!

– Of the 16 images of each category (poster, tattoo, and sticker), all contain only images involving Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Apple Jack. Sorry Fluttershy and Rarity fans, we’re out of luck. Being a Fluttershy fan, I was a bit disappointed.


The Pros

– Theses packs are extremely convenient to find! While full-sized My Little Pony comics are generally just found in comic shops, these Micro Fun Packs will be found in Toys R Us, Target, K-Mart, select Wal-Marts and Hobby Shops.

– Although the comic is just a smaller duplicate of a pre-existing comic, it does at least contain every panel from the original story, so you still gain the full (insert pony here) experience.

– Two things have been added to each comic: a two-page pony play splash page in the middle so stickers can be added to make your ponies “play” together, and a “how-to-draw” tutorial at the back, which teaches you to draw each pony featured in their respective comics.

– The back cover of each comic contains a fun glittery image of whichever pony is the focus of the individual comic.

Although I think that this series could have been spiced up a little more, the general format is something new fans and children will definitely enjoy. These books would be worth a lot more if they included never-before released stories, but I do appreciate the fact that their widespread availability will allow for more people to read and cherish these fun stories.

I am giving the My Little Pony Micro Fun Packs 3 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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