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Quantum & Woody #6
Writer: Asmus, James
Artist: Garbett, Lee
Cover Artist: Crain, Clayton
On Sale Date: December 4, 2013
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Quantum & Woody is yet another corpse resurrected by the brilliant team of necromancers at Valiant Comics, who have spent this year continuing their tradition of making jaw-dropping books out of characters long thought exiled to perma-death. The recent successes of their brand-wide re-boot are a testament not only to their choices in creators & artists, but their belief that these characters could find purchase in the modern market. But unlike the serious tone of books like Eternal Warrior, X-O Manowar, and Shadowman, Quantum & Woody is a referential and self-deprecating book that may just be one of the funniest buddy-cop movies you’ve never seen.

The setup: two half-brothers with nothing in common gain superpowers after an accident at the lab their father was recently murdered in. They need to ‘klang’ their otherworldly wrist bracelets together once every 24 hours or risk being scattered into random atoms. They vow to use their newfound abilities to look for their father’s killer with their ‘team’ (that consists of them, a goat, and a sexy teenage clone).

Issue six is the second issue of the second arc and brings the same slapstick humor and over-the-top situations that made the first five such a rousing success. James Asmus has the ability to let the jokes flow freely, not involving too much set-up or the need some writers have to beat them quickly to death. The smug, self-assuredness of Woody comes across as a Hal Jordan/Sterling Archer hybrid, and the results have made him one of the darlings of the new Valiant universe.

Ming Doyle, fresh off her impressive stint on Mara delivers the goods with her ability to finesse the right facial expressions and tone out of Asmus’s delightful script. Books like Quantum & Woody only work if there’s a qualified artist in tow and Doyle rises to the challenge with a vigorous resolve. The result is a well paced, witty action movie set to sequential art. The kind of gift-wrapped package that makes a movie-studio executive drool. This issue is yet another impressive entry into one of the funniest titles coming out monthly.

I give it four out of five Nerdskulls.

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