Kit’s Comics In Review – Shadowman and Black Acre!



Shadowman #9
Writer: Jordan, Justin
Artist: Edwards, Neil
Cover Artist: Johnson, Dave
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

I love stories about the paranormal and reading a good voodoo story is a surprising rarity. You don’t see many voodoo plots, but Shadowman brought to life Jack and his Shadowman identity; protecting the living against the monsters of Deadside. In this issue, Jack is trying to save Dox and stop Darque from rising out of the underworld.

Neil Edwards did a beautiful job of showcasing the voodoo world, using stunning light choices specifically with his ghosts and monsters. Seeing Shadowman’s determination to save Dox brought a lot of action to this issue; keeping my interest and concerning me for Dox’s wellbeing.

The story is well written and Valiant’s tease to Darque’s origins in next months issue has caught my attention. I love reading origin stories, especially for villians and I want to know what made Darque so power hungry. I really dig this issue and I love the way this voodoo world has come to life.

I am giving Shadowman 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls.



Black Acre #9
Writer: Boudreau, Duffy
Artist: Cavalcanti, Wendell
Cover Artist: Churilla, Brian
Publisher: Image Comics

What is Yoke? Why is Terrence on trial? What is all this prophet talk about? After reading Black Acre #9 I still can’t tell you. The synopsis in the beginning was very vague and bland, which I had hoped would be explained as the issue continued, but to no avail. This issue was mostly filler, with information that did not seem pertinent to the story. I did not enjoy this issue one bit.

I don’t understand any of the character’s motivations or why the events are happening. The scene was changing constantly and I felt disoriented throughout the whole story. I wish I could give you guys more reason as to why I didn’t like it, but I can’t even tell you what the plot entails. I feel like I am reading a crazy comic version of the Crucible, accents and all.

I am giving this issue 1 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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