Kit’s Comics In Review – Regular Show and Iron Sky!


Iron Sky
Writer: Mikko Rautalahti
Artist: Gerry Kissell
Publisher: IDW
The cult movie Iron Sky was released in July of last year and not even one year later the graphic novel has been published. For the movie having such average and below-average ratings, I was surprised to see a novel come out of it. I know a lot of people who are huge fans of it, and it seems to have quite the cult classic following. This graphic novel consisted of three chapters and focused on the Nazi’s world rather than the character Renate’s.
Being a prequel, I thought it was thoroughly written and consistent. For the most part, it follows Wolfgang’s life growing up on the moon and being raised by Nazis along with his rise to power. I liked that I was able to see the rise and colonization of the moon and witness Wolfgang’s life, rather than him growing up on Earth and being taken to the moon to be trained. Director Timo Vuorensola included an introduction and afterward, which was a cool addition to the novel. It also had detailed images of the ships and blueprints, along with extra behind-the-scenes photos from the movies. It was a hefty-novel and overall I enjoyed it. I would like to see more out of the prequel, but it was a good read and I was impressed with the content.
If you’re an Iron Sky fan, I definitely recommend it. The art is solid and the panels flow nicely. I enjoyed it, I appreciated the extras and that it wasn’t a skimpy, thin novel. I am giving Iron Sky 3.5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.


Regular Show #1
Writer: KC Green
Artist: Allison Strejlau
Publisher: Boom!
I love Regular Show for its humor and ability to take everyday situations and make them extreme and insane. Which is the exact reason I wanted to read issue one: to see if the humorous and bizarre world could be translated into a comic successfully. I enjoy the show, so let’s see how I liked this issue!
The panels look just like the cartoon would, which is relatable and recognizable. I didn’t feel like I was reading some weird adaptation and the writers didn’t force the characters’ speech patterns or language. The comic read naturally and I didn’t feel like I had to read it in the voices I know from the show. This issue uncovers what happens when a mosh pit is started in a place it shouldn’t be, which Skips reveals that there is a dark force that feeds off of rowdy energies. This is exactly what I was talking about; I love seeing the crazy situations the Regular Show crew comes up with. It’s hilarious and a little crazy, but it works. I was a little disappointed that this issue didn’t have a conclusion and ended with the infamous “To be continued…”, I was hoping to get one story per issue, but we’ll have to see how issue two plays out. I can’t imagine every story being spread out over two issues; that just becomes monotonous.
I loved the mini-comic at the end of the issue, which partially made up for the unconcluded story. It had an abstract and gritty feel to it, much like the Nickelodeon cartoons like Rocko’s Modern Life or Ren and Stimpy. Overall, I liked issue one of Regular Show. I hope that they keep the stories to a one issue basis in the future. Great for all ages, but I love the dark humor that appeals to adults. I am giving Regular Show 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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