Kit’s Comics In Review – Kill Shakespeare and Saga!



Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood #1
Writer: Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col
Artist: Andy Belanger
Publisher: IDW
I am not the biggest Shakespeare fan on the planet and I wanted to read this series to see if I would enjoy it more than the plays. I appreciate Shakespeare for being a classic playwright and for contributing so much to the arts, but I’m just not a classical play kind of lady. I enjoy modern plays and contemporary works most of the time; although, reading this series put a smile to my face and made reading Shakespeare enjoyable.
The Tide of Blood is the next subtitle in the series, with A Sea of Troubles and The Blast of War already in trade. The concept of Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood is Shakespeare is missing, and all of the characters he created are living in one world. Juliet is dating Hamlet, Romeo is a drunkard going to brothels, and Miranda seeks help for her possessed father, Prospero. I have never read the Kill Shakespeare series before this, but I have seen other comics similar to it such as the No Fear Shakespeare graphic novels. This being the first issue, I was very impressed; the Shakespearean language was very easy to read and understand, and the thirty-five page comic was a great introduction to this story. I would like to review one of the trades in the near future, and I am excited to read the rest of this theatrical series. Shakespeare is fun, finally! I give this 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.


Saga #10
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Fiona Staples
Publisher: Image
If you are not following the Saga series, stop what you’re doing, right now. Go. Go to the nearest comic book store and buy all of the issues up to the most current one; number ten. I have been reading this series since issue one (thanks to my wonderful significant other!), and it is one of the best art pieces I have put into my collection. Fiona Staples has amazing skills for bringing this supernatural/sci-fi story to life. Her use of color, light, and line are gorgeous and exquisite. If you have the chance to read my review for Ghost, I loved the use of light in that comic as well. Fiona is able to achieve the same life-like qualities with her art; the light seems to be glowing off of the page. She is also the only artist on this comic, which still boggles my mind. The character developments Fiona and Brian are able to achieve have blown the comic shelves off their hooks.
Saga is a series that is hard for me to sum up; there is such beautiful character development and plot that you really need to read it and experience it for yourself. Even if the story does not suck you in (which is impossible), the art alone will shine brightly on your bookshelf. Please do yourself a favor and give this series a try, but be warned it is a mature comic. I give this all the Nerdskulls!

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