Kit’s Comics In Review – The Hollows & Bravest Warriors!


Bravest Warriors
Writer: Joey Comeau
Artist: Mike Holmes
Publisher: Kaboom!
I have not seen the show Bravest Warriors, and that is why I picked this comic to review this week. When Adventure Time started releasing comic issues, I was really let down after reading them. I love the show and Pendleton’s work, but I felt that the show did not translate very well in comic-book form and steered clear of it. I enjoyed the Marceline comic much more, but the main series was not a hit for me. Picking up Bravest Warriors, I was hoping to be engaged and enjoy the comic whole-heartedly.
That being said, after reading this issue I thoroughly enjoyed it! This comic is great for kids and adults alike, it has the humor and character development that all ages can enjoy and have a good laugh at. In this issue, the warriors are trying to fight Sadness, but she ends up slicing their heads off before they can do anything. As “mega-ghosts” (which Beth likes to call themselves), they return to their bodies and discovers Sadness’ secret. The art style of this comic is just like Adventure Time, and if you like that style, I definitely recommend this series. The humor is great and can be interpreted by many audiences, and there’s no blood or guts, but the fights still get intense. Bravest Warriors is extremely entertaining and it’s a great series to have in your collection. I give this issue 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls!


The Hollows #2
Writer: Chris Ryall
Artist: Sam Kieth
Publisher: IDW
This is another short series comic, which will end up being four issues when the series wraps up. It takes place in post-apocalyptic Japan, where people must live in the tall trees to avoid the energy-devouring monsters called the Hollows who live on the ground. Craig makes an attempt to save Lani and her family, who are hiding underground from the Hollows. His new invention disintegrates some of the Hollows, but as the issue comes to a close, Craig ends up falling from a cliff and is surrounded by these monsters. This series is drawn by Sam Kieth, who also did Arkham Asylum: Madness. If that art style isn’t your thing, I wouldn’t suggest reading this comic. I enjoyed how organic the comic is drawn, with textures from pencil and sketch lines faintly visible. The story is well written, and I can only hope that in issue three, Craig makes it out alive! I give this issue 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls.


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