Nerdlocker Comic Book Review – The Fuse #1


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The Fuse #1
Written By: Antony Johnston
Art By: Justin Greenwood
Published By: Image Comics
Publication Date: February 12, 2014

Imagine Elementary, Battlestar Galactica, and Lethal Weapon put together, and given great writing. That is what The Fuse has to offer its readers. With a very contemporary Sci-Fi approach to the police procedural, Fuse sets itself apart from other mystery books. The protagonists, detectives Dietrich and Ristovych read like some of the best buddy cop fiction, and their interactions are laugh out loud funny. I especially enjoy the pairing of an older female with a young man which shows a type of diversity that usually isn’t even considered in media of any type.

The writing in this book is done so well you don’t immediately notice just how well done it is. Johnston’s work in this title shows a wide range of creativity and dialogue. Every angle in this first issue is setting up a larger mystery without being heavy handed about its details. From the slang of the residents to the sternness of our main protagonist each character that is given dialogue that feels natural. As cop drama goes this is one to look out for.

Age isn’t the only way The Fuse is showing diversity. The main characters and even the background characters show a realistic picture of how many different ethnicities would populate a civilian space station. Justin Greenwood’s art is very stylized and I especially enjoy how mainstream the costumes of the characters are. The panel layout matches the tone of each page helping to build tension in certain areas. The visual aspects of the story telling are just as emphasized as the dialogue which is rare to see in today’s comic landscape.

The Fuse is setting itself up to be a very interesting mystery/procedural detective story. The art and the writing complement each other in an almost effortless way. If you enjoy stories about space and cops with great writing and phenomenal art than The Fuse is right for you.

I’m giving The Fuse 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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