Kit’s Comics In Review – Haunted Horrors and Marceline and the Scream Queens!


Haunted Horrors #1
Writer: Varies
Artist: Varies
Publisher: IDW

This series of Haunted Horrors is a revival of classic horror comics from the 1950s. This issue includes The Wage Earners, The Constant Eye, Black Magic in a Slinky Gown, Slaughter House, The Vengeful Curse, and Ultimate Destiny. You can even send in your own scans of comics to add to the Haunted Horror issues. As you know from my other reviews of comics similar to this, I am very fond of this classic style. Even though this series is a revival, it is really enjoyable to read these spooky, creepy vintage comics. The nice thing about this series is that you’re getting quite a few of the stories in one issue. This series is not your DC or Marvel, but it is a fun throwback to the beginning of comics. If you enjoy this type of comic or want to be taken back in history, this comic is worth a read! It is just an amusing shoutout to horror comics, and it is interesting to see what kind of spooky stories they tell. This series includes murder, hauntings, supernatural, and more. The last story, the main character begs you to stop reading, and to close the issue while you can. Read if you dare~! Four out of five Nerdskulls.



Marceline and the Scream Queens #4
Writer and Artist: Meredith Gran
The Bootlegger (Mini-comic)
Writer: Yoko Ota and Ananth Panagariya
Artist: Yoko Ota
Publisher: Kaboom!

I am a huge Adventure Time fan; I have seen most of the episodes and I love the storyline. The humor is versatile and can make any age laugh. I tried giving the self-titled Adventure Time comics a chance, but I did not like them as much as the show; I felt that the show did not translate into writing very well. The humor and characters did not read as extraordinary as the show did. So, I dropped the comic for a while. Then they decided to release a Marceline and the Scream Queens series of six issues, and my interest was peaked again. Marceline is one of my favorite characters, and the release of this comic was really exciting for me. We are now on issue #4 of the series and I am really enjoying it. The story focuses around a few characters and I feel that it is easier to read. In this issue Marceline and her band are on tour in Sound City, and Marceline is having a hard time with the bad reviews circling about the band. Meanwhile, Bubblegum is worried that the kingdom is falling apart without her. I really like where this series is going, and each issue has one or two short comics afterward for a few last giggles. The short comics remind me of reading the Nickelodeon magazines when I was a kid. I cannot wait to have this full series in my comic collection, and if you enjoy Adventure Time you will definitely love this storyline. Five out of five mathematical Nerdskulls!

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