Comics In Review: Ghostbusters #17 and Clive Barker’s Nightbreed #2


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Ghostbusters #17
Writer: Burnham, Erik
Artist: Schoening, Dan
Cover Artist: Schoening, Dan
Publisher: IDW Publishing
On Sale Date: June 25, 2014

Erik Burnham continues his depiction of our favorite New York ghost hunters in this week’s psychomagnotheric sliming of an issue, #17. After the recent Battle Royale from last month’s issue, the Ghostbusters have been recuperating from a Tiamat hangover. Ray Stantz has been mentally off since the run in with Tiamat and we don’t get a final answer if Tiamat is alive or dead? Burnham seemed to throw in some Ivan Reitman/Harold Ramis classic humor in the Louis and Dana possession testing sequence. While Egon and Kylie are running all the ghostly manifestation hardware on the two, the audience is re-introduced to the famous “Egon Inventions”, the noodle bowl and shower curtain helmets. While reading through the dialogue, I couldn’t help but think of Rick Moranis wearing the same helmet in the original film, and the comic stays close to the visuals of the film. I found out that Louis and Dana are more dumbfounded than possessed, but makes for an enjoyable guinea pig testing experience for Dr. Egon Spengler. Furthermore, the other Ghostbusters are off battling the old picturesque villain we grew to love by the name of Vigo. Vigo the Destroyer is still very aggressive and likes to control the minds of any people looking his way, which causes quite the shakedown in Hart Island. And let’s not forget Ray is having visions and ghostly encounters with Gozer the Great to forewarn of future malicious attacks.
Dan Schoening’s color scheme works out tremendously to give Gozer a grey ghostly Twilight Zone skin tone and all the other characters were beautifully casted. My questions still remain: Will Gozer have helpful insight or will he lead Ray into another ghostly attack? Will Vigo overtake the Ghostbusters in Hart Island? And will Louis and Dana ever be the same? Even though the story was the after effect of a near death experience with Tiamat, this issue was a little dry at times and jumped around quite a bit. I did not get any of my questions answered from last time and am hoping that Erik Burnham will have a pleasant surprise at the end of this series for the 30th year anniversary special. I have a feeling he will wrap up a lot of these questions that I have that will build up into another memorable Ghostbusters finale.

I am giving Ghostbusters #17, 4 out of 5 Nerd Skulls



Clive Barker’s Nightbreed #2
Writers: Clive Barker and Marc Andreyko
Artist: Piotr Kowalski
Publisher: Boom! Studios
On Sale Date: June 25, 2014

The Nightbreed series FINALLY returns with issue #2. Clive Barker is still one of the living legends of the horror genre that generates well-crafted comics and movies for the fan boy in all of us. His meticulous attention to the darkest realms of the mind are brutally depicted on each page of this issue. The pages scream of the battle between good vs. evil, or in this case, Earth and Midian. Midian is the epicenter of where these monstrous creatures live and any run ins with the humans turns into an instant blood bath. At first, I was a little thrown off with the backstories that took place in two different time periods. Peloquin’s story takes place in 1857 Louisiana on the slave plantations and Shuna Sassi is a prostitute in 1945, Boston. These are two major pieces to the Midian underworld and I believe Clive Barker was trying to give the reader a back story behind all of their macabre. Peloquin is my favorite character out of the Nightbreed movie, the Cabal book, and this issue, especially for his brutal and malicious intent on anything breathing. As we saw in the movie, Peloquin has jaws like sharp teeth that pierce the flesh of anything in its way. In this issue, we see Peloquin do some good for once that includes saving a plantation full of innocent people. I will have to admit I was a little thrown off with Shuna Sassi’s story and her “easy” ways. She has a very long and drawn out fight sequence with a client that turns into using her defense mechanisms to her advantage, her porcupine needles. This is part of the comic that was 110% Clive Barker because something so twisted as a porcupine lady that is a prostitute, is just a normal day in the world of Barker. Shuna was tattered and torn with her most recent brutal client run in that pushed her off onto the streets of Boston in a befuddled state.
This issue started to click in my brain at the very end and how the stories connected through one common entity, Dirk Lylesberg. Dirk is the Professor X of the Midian world whose main objective is to move all troubled monsters to one common ground, Midian. As the characters meet and discover each other’s powers, we are left with a REALLY exciting cliffhanger, and a little treat for any fans that love the 1990 film. I will say he wears a leather jacket and looks like Fonzie. HEY!!!!!!!!

I am giving major NERD love to Clive Barker for producing yet another quality story that is close to his early 90’s writings, but also for reviving a mythical world to a whole new generation that needs to be scared out of their wits. Piotr Kowalski did the unthinkable with the art in this issue and every cell is a split cinematographic copy of the character. The colors, textures, and proper use of contrast bring the Night Breed world to the Boom! Studios audience in the most grotesque way. If you love monsters, gore, limbs, and twisted mythical realms, this series is for you.

I am giving Nightbreed #2, 5 out of 5 Nerd Skulls

Go pick this up and I hope I will run into some other fellow Nerds at the Days of the Dead Convention in LA on September 27th. Clive Barker will be signing in the LAX Marriot convention center.

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