Comic Book Review – Rocket Girl #2


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Rocket Girl #2
Story By: Brandon Montclare
Art By: Amy Reeder
Cover By: Amy Reeder
On Sale Date: November 20, 2013
Publisher: Image Comics

If all Kickstarter projects started out this strong I’d be broke before the end of the week. The second issue of Rocket Girl doesn’t miss a beat and ramps the action and intrigue way up. While reading the first issue I wondered what would happen if our heroine was to undo her future? This chapter of the story starts to ponder that very question. Between the gorgeous art of this book and its subtle intrigue into the plot, I may be hooked. I do have questions about how long the reader can be kept in the dark, but for now I’m simply in love with the idea of a teenage cop from the future with a jetpack.

I was afraid based on the first issue of this book that Rocket Girl would try to lean to heavily on well written dialogue and not give Amy Reeder a chance to show how awesome a fight with a jetpack riding cop would be. I was happily mistaken. Taking in a sequence in which the panel layout directly reflects the frenetic pace of a fight between rocket girl and a robber in a convenience store was epic. I am in love with the art in this book so much so that even though I wasn’t sure of were the story was taking me I still added it to my pull list. Lucky for me and my wallet my faith was not misplaced.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride I’m on with this book. If I had one concern however, it would be that the motivations are not yet clearly presented for Dayoung. I love the banter between Ryder and Annie and the way that these adults are still able to keep the age of Dayoung in perspective even though she’s from the future. The flashbacks sequences really shed some light on Dayoung’s situation, but I felt like parts of the book could have been cut short in lieu of more details from the future timeline.

All in all Rocket Girl is still in my short list for best new title this year. I just hope that the setup portion of this story can come to a head quickly so the larger story can be addressed.

I’m giving Rocket Girl # 2, 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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