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Alex + Ada #1
Story By: Jonathan Luna
Art By: Jonathan Luna
Cover By: Jonathan Luna
Story By: Sarah Vaughn
On Sale Date: November 6, 2013
Publisher: Image Comics

iRobot meets A.I. meets Mannequin. I imagine that was the elevator pitch for Alex + Ada, but is this first issue more than just the sum of its parts? The first issue of this book does one of the most excellent jobs in world building and setting up in 24 pages that I have ever seen. The story is crafted around the titular Alex, an office worker going through a rough patch in his personal life. As we follow Alex through his day we see how advanced technology has infected every aspect of the every day lives of all of this world’s inhabitants. Set in the not too distant future amid the backdrop of an Artificial Intelligence attack the populace seems to have different feelings about the tech that they use every day but that fear is subsided by the convenience that this technology brings to their every day lives. I’m definitely on the hook for the next issue.

Sarah Vaughn’s character designs and panel layouts are elegant in their simplicity. Rather than using hyper exaggerated anatomies and facial features this book has a far more simple design that seems to be reaching for more realistic body types which is refreshing given the current trend to make most characters over sexualized. This simplicity also is seen in the panel layouts which are easy to follow allowing the reader to focus on the details of the art rather than trying to find ones place. The real focus of the art seems to be in the world around the characters such as vehicles, robots, appliances and architecture with logos and even instructions in multiple languages on a newly opened box. This is one of the books that if you don’t pay attention to each panel you will miss how arresting the art actually is.

I was not familiar with Jonathan Luna prior to reading this title, but I certainly will remember his name from now on. The dialogue in this book is not only realistic but at times hilarious. The conversations are well paced and strike the perfect tone every time. For a book where very little happened I was thoroughly entertained.

Alex + Ada was a very enjoyable read. I would recommend to anyone wanting to read not only a well thought out Sci-Fi story but a budding love story. I’m giving Alex + Ada, 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

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