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That was the sound of 3,000 patiently waiting attendees applauding at the announcement that the 2013 Wonder-Con convention was open to the masses. An estimated 60 thousand nerds, geeks, and fan boys will converge on to the Anaheim Convention Center over the Easter weekend for the 27th annual comic convention. Unlike its well known larger older brother, Comic-Con. Wonder-Con has a more intimate setting. The feel of what Comic-Con used to be in the early 70’s.
Wonder-Con is a smaller venue compared to when it was located at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. A fraction of the size, it’s considered more of a hobbyist convention. Loaded with comic books as far as the eyes can see, novelties for the collector and just enough of the glitz and glamour that Comic-Con has but without the over-saturation that many critics and purist complain about. A select group of writers and artists from DC, Dark Horse, IDW, etc. as well as authors, public speakers, celebrities and media convened for one on one panels for fans to discuss the topics that only entertainment seekers come to see.
Day one was off to a great start! From my interpretation, you can see the excitement as attendees rushed to their pleasurable destinations throughout the convention center. The comic book geeks rushed to meet and get signatures from their favorite writers and artists, while the collectors searched over sought after comic books, art work and other printed media. Over at the Mondo Tees booth a line stretched around the corner as first comers gathered for Wonder-Con exclusive posters and prints. Close by Graphitti Designs had a large crowd form for the limited edition action figures, while gamers played tournament styled games like Munchkin, Heroclix, Yugi-Oh, and Magic the Gathering.
On the opposite side of the convention center, people took more interesting tones as author of  the book Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Night, Dr. Travis Langley and guests discussed journalist characters in comic books and their roles in comic history with their Comic Arts and Conference Session around Comics and Journalism. While right next door the discussion of the Psychology between the battle of Star Trek and Star Wars rages on. But as they debate over mild mannered reporters or Klingons vs Jedi, director Guillermo Del Toro was answering eager fan questions about the super hush hush Pacific Rim, during the movie panel’s Q&A session, as it gears up for its Summer release. A celebration occurred a stones throw away as Battlestar Galactica marked their 35th anniversary with a Q&A panel with executive producer Michael Taylor, writer Kevin Grazier, and a few surprise guests.
I for one was enthralled in the collecting of comic books and autographs as I waited patiently in line at the DC booth to meet artist Jim Lee and writer Scott Snyder as they both spear head DC Comics with their ongoing 52 series. Between the Justice League series and Batman’s “Death in the Family” story arc fans like me take a stab at the writer’s and artist’s brains to see what lies ahead with our favorite superheroes, and though due to scheduling conflicts I had to pass on the world premiere Superman: Unbound which followed with a Q&A panel with script writer Bob Goodman, dialogue director Andrea Ramano, and voice actors like While Collar’s own Matt Bomer as the Man of Steel, and Castle’s Molly Quinn as Supergirl, you can see the abundance of the different things going around the floors.
So no matter what your interests are, whether it is comic book collecting, getting to know more about your favorite television shows and/or upcoming movies, or if you just want to know more about My Little Pony, Wonder-Con is where it’s at! What more interesting is that this is only a fraction of what’s taking place at the convention? There’s still Saturday and Sunday!
For more information regarding Wonder-Con or if you want to know more about the other Cons, please visit there website site here.
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