Motor City Comic Con 2018: Day 3 – Family Day

Seeing kids in awe of Stormtroopers and Jedis, a mother – daughter Harley Quinn duo, buying David Bowie earrings and a bookmark of Han Solo as a cat, makes Family Day at Motor City Comic Con the best! First, I feel that the family day ticket prices are an incredible deal! Kids under four are […]readmore

Motor Ctiy Comic Con 2018 – Days 1 and 2

Walking into Motor City Comic Con, one can be amazed by many things – a giant Thanos costume made out of balloons, Hawkgirl cosplay with functioning wings, Stephen Amell’s abs. But the most amazing aspect of Motor City Comic Con, and something I noticed more this year than any other, is that it is a […]readmore

Fantasticon 2017!

We all love the huge comic conventions, whether it is the mother of them all in San Diego or the biggest local one in your state. There’s nothing like walking down an aisle and then turning to see Jason Mamoa or Billy Piper walk right past. But let’s not forget about those smaller cons. They […]readmore

Motor City Comic Con 2017 – Day 3

Day three is family day! There were several amazing families in cosplay including my own, dressed as Squirrel Girl and Mister Sinister. Check out the pictures below. My day started with meeting Michael Rooker. While waiting in line, I witnessed a three-year-old girl instruct Rooker how to kill a zombie. See the video on our […]readmore

Motor City Comic Con 2017 – Day 2

Day two started with waiting in line to meet the remarkable Billie Piper of Doctor Who, Penny Dreadful, and Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Only a few minutes late for autographs, I see Miss Piper walking towards us. She looks right at me and says, “I just need to use the toilet” in the sweetest British accent imaginable. […]readmore

Motor City Comic Con 2017 – Day One

Day one of Motor City Comic Con was, as usual, a blast. My favorite moment might have been when Michael Rooker passed me on the left and yelled, “I’m Mary Poppins y’all!” on his way to his booth. That might be the greatest line in all of Marvel movie history. But a close second were […]readmore

Motor City Comic Con 2016 Day 3

Family Day! I really enjoy family day. Not only because I get to enjoy the convention with my wife and kids, but because I get to see so many other families enjoying all the nerdy fanfare. This family day started with, as usual, a little shopping. Shopping for us means scoping out all the possibilities […]readmore

Motor City Comic Con 2016 Days 1 and 2

Nananananananananana Batman! Adam West and Burt Ward were certainly the headliners of this year’s Motor City Comic Con. The con was littered with Batmen and Harleys (even more than usual). Reys and Kylo Rens were also plentiful. The highlight of the con for me was the fist bump I got from Adam West on the way […]readmore

Jessica Jones Breaks Down Walls

Jessica Jones has been on Netflix for just over a full week. This has given me the time to watch the whole series, read the remainder of the Alias series, and to include all the spoilers I need. Even Krysten Ritter has to agree that I’ve given Nerds ample time to have seen this series […]readmore

Feminist Fanboy – Is it a bird? Is it a

Supergirl. As her name suggests, she was created by writer Otto Binder and artist Al Plastino in 1959 to be a female counterpart to Superman. In nearly all her incarnations, she wears Superman’s colors and symbol (for hope or whatever) and, holy Comet the Superhorse, she has a lot of incarnations. The most well-known of […]readmore

Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 3

Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 3   By day three, I was exhausted. But I kept calm and carried on! I managed to fit in an interview in the morning with the Red Power Ranger, Jason Faunt. In the spirit of family day at Motor City Comic Con, my eleven-year-old son operated the […]readmore

Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 2

Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 2   Day two of the Motor City Comic Convention was a mad house! Saturday is always the busiest day of the convention weekend and today may have been the busiest I had seen it since two years ago when Stan Lee was in attendance. The difference between […]readmore

Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 1

  Motor City Comic Con 2015 – Day 1   It’s my third year covering the Motor City Comic Con here in Michigan, and day one has been by far my most enjoyable yet. Those in charge of running the convention did an excellent job of listening to feedback from previous conventions. They provided more […]readmore

Feminist Fanboy – What a Wonderful Woman

Supergirl, Batgirl, Stargirl, Wonder Woman. Even her name illustrates that her character is more than most of DC’s super heroines. Wonder Woman really should have been the first female superhero I wrote about in this column. After all, she is the premiere super heroine and even Wikipedia will tell you that she is widely considered […]readmore

Feminist Fanboy – Sensationally Savage She-Hulk

When I decided to write this column, my first task was to decide where to start. I probably would have started with the original super heroine, Wonder Woman. But then David S. Goyer opened his mouth. As you probably have heard by now, Goyer stated that She-Hulk was simply a “giant green porn star” sexually […]readmore

Feminist Fanboy – What Is That?

I am a feminist. I am a male. I am a comic book reader. Yes, I can be all three of those things at once and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one. Some of you might just not realize that you are. My guess is that some of you think feminists are […]readmore

Marvel’s Strange Casting

So far Marvel has done an impeccable job in casting actors to portray it’s heroes and heroines. It appears they will continue that trend. Marvel has just announced that actor Vincent D’Onofrio (The Cell, Full Metal Jacket, Ed Wood)  has been cast as the Kingpin in the upcoming 13-episode Daredevil Netflix series and it’s rumored that Marvel is […]readmore

Cosplay Girls of Motor City Comic Con 2014 – Flawless

When people dress up for a comic convention they draw a lot of attention – especially the girls. So I took some time to talk to a few of the young ladies who donned costumes and asked them why they did it and overall what their experience was like. All of the young women said […]readmore